2013 is the Year of Mobile Commerce

It’s no secret that eCommerce has changed the way we shop. These days, you can get almost anything with the click of a key. But now with the rise of smartphones thrown into the mix, mobile commerce is changing the rules yet again. According to eMarketer, they’ve revised their projected […]

September 11, 2013 Published by ontarget

A Franchise Web Solution: WordPress Multisite

Are you a franchise with multiple locations? If so, do you wish there was an easy web solution for each of these locations? Well luckily there is, and you don’t have to worry about them turning into poor quality websites.  A franchise web solution that includes brand consistency can be […]

September 6, 2013 Published by ontarget

Best Webdesigners

When looking for the best Webdesigner you have to first think about what you’re wanting in a webdesign. Some webdesigers are great at making pretty pictures for you website but they don’t understand usability. The best Webdesigner will first ask a lot of questions about your business, how your products […]

September 6, 2013 Published by ontarget