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March 27, 2017 Published by ontarget

Why we Love Evolve Paleo

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Evolve Paleo Chef  is a revolutionary company that takes healthy eating to the next level. Their in-house chefs and dietitians work together to create food that’s both delicious and kind to your body. Plus, you can get it delivered right to your door! Whether you’re browsing their pantry for some snacks you can eat guilt-free or signing on for one of their life-changing challenges, you’ll be impressed by the effort that’s put into every Evolve Paleo product.

Evolve’s on-staff Doctor, trainer, and chefs concoct flavorful dishes that would put a freezer meal to shame. These meals can help with everything from weight loss to weight gain to restricted diets (like gluten-free or sugar-free). Though the company has humble origins as a small home personal chef service, they’ve expanded to include locations in Kansas City (Crossroads), Lenexa, Wichita, Omaha, Lowell, and Tulsa. The company is based out of Kansas City and is owned by chef Caleb Summers and Dr. Jason Fechter. They realized that so people blindly trust the companies that make their food and decided to provide an alternative—a meal service that’s transparent.

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Paleolithic Diet

The Paleo Diet is based off the Paleolithic Era, when hunter-gatherers ate vegetables (tubers and roots), fruits, seeds (nuts and wild grass seeds), insects, meat, fish and shellfish. Paleolithic people suffered from less famine and malnutrition than the sub-sequential era, presumably because they had access to a wider variety of natural foods. This created a more nutritious diet of lean meats and plants, and prevented them from getting modern diseases of affluence like type 2 diabetes, coronary heart disease, cerebrovascular and disease. It helped as well that they were constantly engaged in physical activity, so consider combining your new diet with a new workout regimen to really get the whole effect.

Their Rules

On their website, Evolve Paleo describes themselves as “a company that is dedicated to fusing the goodness of the Paleolithic era with the modern conveniences of today”. With so many dietary phrases popping up (all-natural, grass-fed, cage-free, etc.), it’s hard to keep track of what you should and shouldn’t be concerned about. Evolve Paleo does that for you, analyzing what nutrients really do have an impact on your body and adjusting their meals with the newest discoveries in the dietary field. They’re not 100% organic, because they realize that it’s not necessary. Plus, it ends up costing more than it’s worth. There are some rules that they do follow though:

1. Evolve uses Grass-Fed, Grass-Finished Beef
2. Evolve uses All-Natural Chicken from Gold-n-Plump Farms
3. Evolve uses Organic produce in our Juices
4. Evolve uses a mix of conventional and organic produce in our meals, depending on that the product.
5. They are committed to using Wild caught fish. You can bank on everything other than crab and shrimp being wild-caught.
6. They use only cage-free or free-range eggs. All are local.
7. Evolve uses conventional pork from Seaboard Foods.

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What It Does

The modern American diet is made up of processed foods, refined sugars, dairy and grains, components which both starve our body of nutrients and make us gain weight. Ultimately, this diet can lead to organ stress, loss of sleep, and mental fatigue. The Paleo diet provides the best healthy fats, vitamins and minerals to keep your body functioning at full capacity. The Paleo diet has immediate effects, including a decrease in inflammatory stress on the body and blood sugar level maintenance. Removing inflammatory foods reduces the extra fluid in the body and decreases the stress on the organs and joints. Lean meats, non-starchy veggies, and nuts cause the pancreas, liver, kidneys and brain to perform better. Plus, the body can heal itself faster and the cardiovascular system runs more efficiently. A Paleo diet also gives your immune system a helping hand. The body can focus on normal functions and processes instead of dealing with inflammatory attacks (great news for someone with an autoimmune disease).

The Four Challenges

Their four challenges are really what Evolve Paleo apart from the rest. These challenges have varying levels depending on how drastic of a diet change you’re looking at, and they’ve been created by trained professionals in the medical field. You can choose between a Whole30, Paleo, 21 Sugar Detox or AIP challenge. The Whole30 challenge is based on the book and allows for only whole ingredients. It has no added sweeteners (honey, maple syrup, etc.), though you can have fruit on this challenge. It costs $28/day or $850 for the month, and you have to commit to the entire month. It’s the most popular challenge that they offer! Their signature challenge, the Paleo, is less strict than the Whole30 challenge and great for those new to diet challenges. The 21 Day Sugar Detox is also based on a book and concentrates on removing all the sugar from your diet (even fruit!). It only lasts three weeks and costs $550. For hardcore dieters, the AIP Challenge is $28/day and is based off a book called The Wahls Protocol. The meal plan requires nine cups of fresh vegetables each day (three cups of dark leafy greens, three cups of cruciferous vegetables, and three cups of colored fruits and vegetables). In addition, it calls for bone broths, fermented foods, and fish each day. In addition to meals, Paleo also gives each participant a book, personalized supplements, participation in their Facebook group, a Pre-and Post challenge assessment, and Evolve Paleo swag. The Challenges are a great option for people who really want to follow a set diet plan, but don’t have the time to cook all the specific meals.

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How It Works

Paleo’s pre-cooked meals, juice bars, and pantry items (like Paleo Balls) give you the freedom to eat healthy without stressing over nutrition labels at the store. The Paleo diet eschews gluten, grains, dairy, and processed sugars in exchange for whole foods. In an interview with the Kansas City Star, owners Caleb Summers and Dr. Jason Fechter explained how their business works:

“Customers order what they want for the following week. They’re offered a choice of items on the website, with menus on an eight-week rotation. Customers can choose the amount they want. There are no subscription contracts. The food is then cooked and delivered to the customer’s door.”

This simple setup gives you the freedom to choose the days you want meals and the types of dishes you desire. Since the meals are pre-cooked, you don’t even have to worry about all the prep-time.

Evolve Paleo Evolves

The two also said that they’re fine-tuning their business and hoping to open new locations in Dallas and Colorado in 2017 and 2018. They’re considering satellite stores and managing partners as well, so be on the lookout for where Paleo pops up next!

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Find Them Online

You can find Paleo on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, or you can visit their website for more information on catering, the meals options they offer, and their challenges. They even have a blog covering such topics as reheat instructions, exercising while traveling, and the difference between allergies and food intolerance.

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