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5 Digital Marketing Trends You Can’t Ignore

  Digital marketing trends are changing at an alarming pace. The industry is spinning itself around like a top. New Internet marketing and mobile marketing ideas are coming out every day. With the new economy adding to the pressure of a CMO it’s easy to distracted. To keep up with […]

November 7, 2013 Published by ontarget

9 Tips for Lead Management

Marketers invest a lot of money, time, effort and resources in lead management. Other companies apply technology to lead management like marketing automation, sales force and customer relationship management software. On the other hand, smaller companies manage to do this with fewer tools and use simple methods such as spreadsheet […]

January 22, 2013 Published by ontarget

What is Hyperlocal Mobile Advertising?

Hyperlocal Mobile Advertising can now target ads through iOS and Android smartphones when consumers come within 300 feet of brick and mortar locations. Hyperlocal mobile advertising techniques are more precise than ZIP code and designated market area (DMA) features that we offer now. This is proving to be one of the […]

September 10, 2012 Published by ontarget

The Importance of Online Reviews

One of the first things consumers look for when considering a purchase is a review of the product or service. They look to their peers for input and advice and trust those voices far more than your brand’s, especially if they’ve had little to no interaction with the brand. How […]

August 16, 2012 Published by ontarget

Search Marketing is Today’s Yellow Pages

SEARCH MARKETING – PPC   Here are the main reasons search marketing has such a high return on investment: *  Targeted – we can limit who sees your ad based on where they are, the day of the week, time of day and what they’re looking for. * Pay for […]

February 8, 2012 Published by ontarget

B2B Content Marketing Benchmark

INTERNET MARKETING AND ADVERTISING This information was gathered by surveying 1092 B2B content marketing representatives in diverse industries and across company sizes.  The survey was conducted in August of 2011. The following information shows the findings for usage and effectiveness, goals and measurements, budgets and production and best in class […]

January 27, 2012 Published by ontarget