5 B2B SEO Strategies

January 8, 2014 Published by ontarget

B2B (Business-to-Business) 5 B2B SEO Strategiescompanies have a limited audience therefore, B2B SEO strategies are very important to new business. Most B2B companies rely heavily on their sales team to make calls and visit potential customers. Today it’s harder than ever to get a potential customer to take the time to meet with your salesman. Make sure your website is optimized to funnel leads into your sales team when prospects are looking for your products/services.

There are several targeted digital marketing that make sense for the B2B company like email marketing, LinkedIn Advertising, Content Marketing and Search Advertising. The one that every B2B Company should be thinking about is their B2B SEO strategies.

Here are 5 questions that you should be asking yourself when thinking about your B2B SEO strategy: 

1. How user-friendly is your site and what’s your conversion rate for new visitors?

Google and others are placing more emphasis on the experience the user has on your website. Google and others want to see leads coming into your site, going to a couple of pages and then fill out a form/go to your contact page. If they see a high bounce rate your SEO performance will falter.

2. Are site visitors sharing your content with other people?

The search engines use this, as a way of determining if you content is valuable or not. This means you need to make it easy for visitors to share your content with others through social site connections, email, etc. A large part of visitors sharing your content has to do with having up-to-date and relevant content. Just having information about your products is not going to cut it. You need a Blog and a content marketing strategy that involves weekly updates.

3. How often do you monitor and update your keyword strategy?

SEO is not a set it and leave it strategy. You need to review your page SEO strategy and look at the keywords used within the page to make sure it’s competitive. Times change and new things appear. It’s important that someone manages your SEO strategy for you. Keeping tabs on your competition is critical in order to optimize your site for the best placement.

4. Do you have the same content on different pages? Duplicate content is a killer.

If you have duplicate copy on multiple pages you must change that as quickly as possible. When we say duplicate content we also mean meta data. If you have copied the same meta data between pages that’s a major no no as well for B2B SEO. Each page should have unique content from any other page on your site but also unique across the Internet. If you’ve copied copy from another website and put it on your website you’re probably getting penalized by the search engines right now.

5. Is the load time on your optimized pages good? If not, Google will ignore you

The search engines index millions of sites every day. To do this they have to be able to quickly read these sites and index the information on the page. If the page doesn’t respond quick enough the search engines will ignore it and go to the next site.

Page load time has a lot of factors. The webhosting service your using, the number of images and their size, the number of plugins used on the site, the memory used, the amount of disk swap, etc.

There are more than just 5 B2B SEO Strategies you should deploy in 2014. These 5 SEO Strategies will get you down the road a ways as it relates to how well your site is performing.

Don’t underestimate the importance of your website on new business generation. We are in a time when everyone goes to the companies website before they ever do business with them. Using a search engine to find solutions is what your potential customers are doing. They will do a lot of research before they ever call you or accept a meeting from your sales team.

Make sure you’re digital marketing agency is making your company visible to all the potential new customers looking for solutions like yours.

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