Mobile Website Design

There’s a common misconception that creating a mobile website design is simply a matter of taking your desktop site and shrinking it down to fit a mobile-sized screen. It’s much more than that. To give your customers a quick browsing experience and easy access to the information they’re looking for, we do a redesign of your current site to ensure maximum conversions from mobile browsing. We’ll speed up the load time of your site and enhance efficiency to guarantee a positive user experience. Using HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Bootstrap, etc., we’ll create a site that you can take pride in. You receive full ownership afterward as well—our brand doesn’t pop up anywhere on your site. We’ll even teach you how to make updates to your site after the job has been complete. For those who choose to go with WordPress website development, you can edit your site from the convenience of your phone. Mobile website design has proven to be both a major ranking factor for Google’s algorithm and a key necessity for mobile conversions in the mobile-first world we live in. more

National Clientele

Mobile website design is one of our fastest growing website development services. Much of this growth has come from businesses on the East and West coasts. These businesses have realized how much money they can save by partnering with a more affordable web development agency in the Midwest. Mobile website development in Kansas City offers the same luxuries as a coastal agency without the crazy up-charges. Companies wary of hiring a remote agency can rest assured. Our quick response to emails and video call availability make it feel as though we’re by your side the whole time. With clients from all around the country, we make long-distance relationships work.

For eCommerce Website Development

Those looking at eCommerce website development need a mobile website design to ensure their new site isn’t wasted on over half their visitors. By implementing easy-to-navigate menus/filters, making sure you have an ADA compliant website and customizing product pages for quick information transferal, we ensure your eCommerce website does exactly what it was it was designed to do: generate commerce. Our custom web development allows you to pick and choose which snippets of products information are most important to your customers and showcase conversion channels without hindering the user experience.

Level the Playing Field

Mobile internet usage has now surpassed desktop Internet browsing, a testament to how many companies have already created a mobile website design. If you don’t want your competitors to steal customers, you’ll need to compete on a level playing field. Consider a mobile website design to level that field.

Investing in a mobile website design:

  • Enhances user experience, in turn boosting your Search Engine ranking
  • Makes it easier for customers to complete transactions on your site through their phone
  • Increases your landing page quality score if you’re running an AdWords campaign

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