Internet Marketing Services

Our Internet Marketing Services bring targeted audiences to your site. Our goal is to get the most qualified leads possible at the best price possible. Take our quiz to find out which tactic best fits your budget, target demographic and time frame. more

Internet Marketing actually bridges some of the web development services, because we don’t stop at just getting clicks to your website. We prefer to measure the success based on conversions. Conversions can be orders on an ecommerce website or leads from forms or phone calls. Landing page design and A/B testing play a large part in optimizing the cost per conversion.

You’ll  be amazed at how well we can target your audience. We can target people that have a particular behavior. For instance, we can target people that are looking to rent or looking to move based on the websites they have been looking at over the last 5-7 days. We can even place ads for people that are in a ZIP code where it is currently sunny and not to people in places where it’s raining.

There are so many new Internet Marketing tactics coming out that we like to set aside some of a client’s budget for testing. We will run a new media channel and see how the conversion rate compares to the channels currently running. We constantly test one channel against the current set to see if we can better the cost per conversion.

Your journey would begin with a long meeting. We would ask a lot of questions about your business, product lines, services, best customers, competition, product differentiators, etc. We take all this information (along with your budget) and come back with our first recommendation of a plan that meets your goals and budget. We meet with you and get your feedback. Then, we come to an agreement on a plan that’s comfortable for you and utilizes your experience as much as our’s.

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