Website Design

Website design is about more than a pretty interface. We make sure your website provides as much functionality as visual appeal. Using HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript jQuery, Bootstrap, etc., we create a responsive design that’s eye candy on any device. We also run usability tests to make sure the layout is intuitive and easy to navigate. For some inspiration, check out these top website designs from around the country and these top website designs in Kansas City. These guys made the list because they had detailed product category pages, a cohesive color scheme, a blog to boost their SEO and features that entertain users rather than just push a sale.

Elements of a Website

We prioritize user experience on mobile devices, incorporate visuals (photo, animation, video), and give users an overview of your site the moment they hit the home screen. We can implement transitions to engage your visitors and offer rewards for those who show interest. This might be images that expand when you click on them, arrows you can click to navigate through the site or image boxes that switch to text when you hover over them with your mouse. We’ll find the typography that matches your brand and use varying font sizes to highlight the important information. Custom visuals and iconography that tell your brand story can distinguish you from your competitors. Finally, we’ll keep plug-in usage in check to make sure your site loads quickly. Since video and large media files can slow down your site, it’s important to remember functionality. We can add in special features like share buttons and a comments section on your blog post, a rotating carousel of testimonies or a home page video that gives visitors a breakdown of your brand values and products. more

Investing in website design:

  • Lets you personalize features to target your optimal audience
  • Creates a platform for potential customers to engage with your brand
  • Makes it easy for users to get quick information about your business

Website Design

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