Our Mobile Development Services

Just select one of the services below to find out more detail about a particular mobile development service. We have been building mobile applications for years. We mainly build iOS and Android applications on mobile and tablet-based devices. more

Under our mobile development services, we include responsive website design, mobile landing pages, and mobile website design. These are not mobile applications, but development we do in order to make the mobile experience play out exactly as it was intended. Mobile devices make up more than half of your overall website traffic. It’s important to make sure your brand looks good on mobile devices as well as desktop computers.


When we build mobile applications, we typically build those applications in the device’s native language. There are pros and cons to this. The pros are that the user’s experience is more fluid and it’s the safest way to create a flexible mobile application for future enhancements. The con is the cost, because the devices do not use the same native language. We have to build two versions (three, if you include Windows) of the application. There’s also a higher ongoing cost, because any update or new enhancement has to be done on multiple systems. The other way to build mobile applications is to use a “write once depl0y many” solution like Apache Cordova. The pros here involve cost. Instead of a having to build for every mobile operating system, you have one build that ports to multiple mobile operating systems. The con is that you’re putting your application’s future into the hands of an outside third-party. In this case, if Apache Cordova goes under, your application is stuck. Using native languages, you’ll always be able to enhance and control your application.


Each situation is different. We don’t go into your situation with one solution in mind. We listen to you, ask questions and then make our recommendation. Some companies have one solution for every problem. I love how Mark Twain put it: “To a man with a hammer, everything looks like a nail.”

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