Geo-fencing enables retailers or businesses to recognize customers/prospects when they are within a predetermined radius around a specific location. We work with you and collect the addresses of all your locations. We communicate with different vendors to get you the best deal possible. We can create and monitor one offer across all locations and switch it out on a regular basis or we can create groups of locations and manage them independently.

Geo-Fencing Around Your Industry Conference

Another good use for geo-fencing is around conferences. We target people around the conference location and advertise to them to get them to come by your booth. You have a captive audience and this allows you to target them while you’re at the conference.

We provide the management, optimization and reporting to make sure your program is working as efficiently as possible. Remember, this is only one of the mobile marketing tactics that we provide. With a simple phone call we can make changes to the program on an almost immediate basis.

This is a great way to send out specials and discounts to your drive by customers. Don’t miss out on impromptu sales. Let our mobile experts get you the results you deserve. Give us a call today.


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