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When you’re designing a mobile landing page, you want to be sure that it’s relevant to the corresponding ad and designed to maximize conversions. The landing page is the URL that users who click your ad are directed to. AdWords takes into account the quality of your landing page when positioning your ad. The better your mobile landing page, the less you’ll have to spend on bidding. Landing page experience (a ranking factor in Google AdWords) measures how well your website fulfills the promises made in the ad that was clicked. If your landing page offers a poor user experience, your ads may show less often or not at all. Keep in mind that a mobile landing page design is not the same as an internet landing page design. Since mobile landing pages have a smaller interface to work with, every pixel of space has to be carefully mapped out. You want your users to be enticed by your landing page—enticed enough to make a purchase or sign up for a newsletter. Before constructing a mobile landing page, you need to be sure that you have a responsive website design or separate mobile website designmore

Boosting Landing Page Experience

Your mobile landing page can include a variety of content, such as a video demo, list of FAQs, pictures of the products, or testimonials. To ensure this media is up to par with Google’s standards, there are a few qualifications you have to meet. For one, content must be useful and relevant. We focus on the keyword you’re trying to rank for and make sure your landing page matches that topic. We also tailor your content to ensure potential customers are being directed to pages that focus on their search term (ie: general searches for Buick models vs. searches for the 2018 Buick Verano). We’ll place the most important information above-the-fold and check that ads don’t distract from the desired conversion funnel. Finally, we’ll speed up your mobile landing page load time.

Tracking Your Results

In addition to constructing your mobile landing pages, we A/B test to make sure you’re getting the most out of your budget. As experts at web development in Kansas City, we know how important it is to try out multiple scenarios until we reach the perfect solution. We might change up the images on the landing page, narrow down the focus of the text or remove a video that’s slowing down load time to ensure users are getting what was promised in your ad. By optimizing your landing page for a specific device, you’ll see conversion skyrocket.

Investing in a mobile landing page:

  • Increases conversion from mobile ads
  • Lowers the amount you’ll need to bid for your ad to rank
  • Monopolizes on a device that’s surpassed desktop searches

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