Why Your Company Should Use Social Media

May 10, 2018 Published by ontarget

There’s a common misconception that social media has little or nothing to do with your website’s ranking on Google.

Although this is partially true, because your website doesn’t rank based on your social media following, your social media profiles can rank on the SERP page themselves.

As for your website traffic, tweeting out links to your website will definitely increase traffic flow.

There are many similarities between SEO and social media marketing. Both methods are organic and focus on growing the following of a certain topic but intriguing visitors with industry-focused writing.

Below, we have outlined some benefits of social media marketing.

1. Gain Followers on Social Media

Instead of quality over quantity, Google looks for both. For obvious reasons, a company with thousands of followers will rank above a company with 100. But, it’s important that the company with thousands of followers has real followers – no robots allowed. Buying followers won’t do you any good in tricking Google. Building your following organically is imperative.

In order to gain followers, a company must establish a certain voice for its brand and remain consistent with this image. Interacting with anyone who mentions your company or one of your products is sure to encourage them to follow you if they don’t already. Typically, a company’s reply will get retweeted by the customer for their followers to see – free advertising!

social media follower graphic

2. Opportunities to Convert

Social media allows companies to talk to their consumer in a casual way. Social media is also used by many companies as a customer service outlet.

With each social media posts, there is potential to convert a customer. It will most likely take more than one tweet or blog post to convert a customer but, over time, the posts will pay off.

Even if you only gain one customer from every blog post, that’s more than you would gain if you never posted anything.

3. Mobile-first Mentality

It’s easy to forget that people are just as likely to search for your product or service on social media as they are to put it into a typical search engine like Google.

Statistics show that nearly 60% of searches are done from mobile devices while the consumer is on-the-go.

4. Better SERP Rankings

Google’s SERP algorithm is top secret and ever-changing. Essentially, there’s no sure-fire way to become the number one result in your industry. The only thing we know for sure is that increasing your brand’s visibility also increases its legitimacy.

The visibility can be increased by creating social media profiles for your brand across every valuable platform. Remember that not every platform is ideal for every brand – choose wisely.

5. Improved Customer Insights

You can learn about your consumers by combing through their likes and following lists. Depending on the size of your brand, you can enlist help from an online program to do this combing or you can do it yourself.

On Hootsuite, you can set up lists to follow brand-relevant hashtags so that you’re able to monitor any and all conversation that involves your brand. This is also a sure-fire way to increase production of popular content to optimize your time and spend.

social media insights

6. Increased Inbound Traffic

By creating social media accounts for your company, you’re increasing the number of paths leading to your company’s site.

With each post on each profile, the odds of gaining a new customer greatly increases.

All in all, you’ve got nothing to lose by posting to social media.

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