Schema Markup At A Glance

April 30, 2018 Published by ontarget

It’s easy to get overwhelmed by the idea of schema markup.

Digital marketing is not about memorizing vocabulary, so don’t stress about all the schema jargon – that’s what Google’s for.

The three basic schema terms you need to know:

  • Itemscope: sorts content by topic within HTML

schema markup item scope HTML example

  • Itemtype: tells search engines which topic your content is about

schema markup  HTML example

  • Itemprop: how you explain each topic from

schema markup  HTML example

Get Creative within the Guidelines

Google is hunting for companies that hide information from visitors. In order to successfully combine SEO and schema markup in your digital marketing campaign, you must follow Google’s guidelines.

Google SEO guidelines

Increased visibility is the best benefit of following Google’s guidelines. The more compliant the post is, the higher the site will rank on SERP’s.

Install Plugins

Depending on which platform you’re posting to, there are many different plugins that can help you add structured data to your posts. These plugins will generate the schema and let you edit the markup as needed.

This WordPress plugin generates structured data on your site with the pre-existing content.

Google has a tool that will scan a sample web page and help add structured data that you simply have to copy paste.

Schema Markup in the Wild

It’s statistically proven that sites with Schema Markup rich results perform exponentially better than those who do not.

Some examples…

  • Rotten Tomatoes had 25% higher click-through rate on pages with markupschema markup get out rotten tomatoes
  • Food Network saw a 35% increase in visits for recipes with markup

schema markup food network key lime pie

  • Rakuten visitors spent 1.5% more time on pages and had 3.6x higher interaction rate

schema markup rakuten ratings

schema markup rakuten inspection

  • La Fourchette had 20% more clicks for pages with Schema Markup

schema markup la fourchette restaurant locations

If you’re thinking that your company needs some schema markup on its site, contact us.

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