Mobile Ads

Mobile ads are the fastest growing channel. In fact, mobile usage has now surpassed desktop usage. A Kansas City digital marketing agency with experience in paid ads knows which demographics to target and keywords to focus on. We maximize your budget by A/B testing and allocating your funds to ads that are performing exceptionally well. Our expert media placement cross references your top consumer demographics and habits to find the mobile ad sweet spot. We also run a mobile test to ensure your landing page and website are mobile friendly before redirecting the mobile searcher. What distinguishes mobile ads from desktop internet ads is that mobile ads have less space to work with. As such, you need a digital marketing agency that knows how to balance images and carefully-crafted text and add extensions that shorten the conversion path. more

Types of Mobile Ads

There are two main types of mobile ads within AdWords, and each pose their own set of unique capabilities. Where search network campaigns give you the opportunity to implement extensions for increased conversion rates (ie: call extensions, location extensions, site-link extensions), advertising through the display network  shows your ads on websites and apps when your keywords are related to the sites’ content. This works best for increasing brand awareness, since you can show a variety of ad formats based on your customers’ interests. If you want to combine the two, search network with display select is going to be your best option. After meeting with clients to determine their goals and budget, we map out a campaign plan that will make the most of every dollar spent.

Mobile Ad Stats

With the introduction of expanded text ads  on all devices and return of device-level bid adjustment, mobile ads are gaining popularity at an exponential rate. Mobile devices account for over 53% of paid-search clicks, indicating that users are more receptive to ads on their mobile phones than their desktop. Since Google drives 95% of paid search ad clicks on mobile, we typically run internet ads through Google AdWords. Though bidding might be more competitive than other search engines, you’re guaranteed to reach a significantly larger audience. Most enticing of all is that mobile-based CPCs cost 24% less than desktop and have a 40% higher click-through-rate.  If it’s clicks you seek, mobile ads are the way to go.

Investing in mobile ads:

  • Lets you utilize call extensions for increased conversions
  • Allows you to target demographics to reach the audience most likely to convert
  • Accurately tracks the impressions, clicks and conversions you receive from your ads

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