Mobile Search Advertising

We live in a mobile-first world, which means your marketing tactics should be geared toward mobile devices. With 82% of smartphone users searching for businesses near them, you can’t afford to ignore this growing market. One of the issues we’ve noticed is that many brands don’t differentiate their mobile campaigns from their desktop ads. We remedy that by tailoring your ads to fit a smaller screen and utilizing extensions (such as call extensions) to make the most of your ad space. Google provides cross-devise conversion estimates, which pinpoint when customers use multiple channels before completing a purchase. This makes it easier for us to see where your traffic is coming from and how you should divvy up your budget between devices. On a mobile search results page, your ad is either in the top two positions or not seen at all. With such a competitive playing field, you need a certified internet marketing expert to land those coveted spots. We create mobile ads with compelling text and a clear call-to-action. Plus, we monitor your campaign progress daily. We even send you quantitative reports that show how much traffic you’ve earned with mobile search advertising.

The Stats

With Google driving over 96% of mobile search traffic, it makes sense to turn to this platform for paid advertising opportunities. Local searches are growing 50% faster than mobile searches overall, indicating that local businesses should be taking advantage of this revenue potential. In fact, 80% of marketers worldwide are already using location targeting for their mobile advertising. more

Types of Mobile Search Advertising

  • Search Ads: Ads appear next to search results on Google when people look for products/services you offer. You’ll only be charged when users intact with your ad.
  • Display Ads: Your ads can show up on any of the 2 million sites or apps that are part of the Google network, including Gmail.
  • Video Ads: These ads are featured on YouTube.
  • Mobile App Ads: These are run cross the entire Google network with Universal App Campaigns.

Investing in Mobile Search Advertising:

  • Lets you tailor ads for the device users are searching on
  • Gives you sitelink opportunities for local searching and immediate phone calls
  • Brings in immediate traffic to your landing page and website

Mobile Search Advertising

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