Landing Page Design

A landing page is where users are directed after they click your ad. Instead of directing to a page on your site, you can lead them to a page that’s specifically designed to steer visitors toward conversions. The landing page should be relevant to what was advertised and match the branding of your website. We automatically route traffic between two different landing pages and look at which landing page design performed the best. We constantly work to improve the previous design and increase your conversion rate. This A/B testing uses data gathered from your landing page performance report—quantitative data that you can correlate with your revenue growth. more

Qualities of a Good Landing Page

Through our years of experience, we’ve learned which qualities work in a landing page and which don’t. Our findings show that simplified pages that cut out extraneous information have the best conversion rates. We also include forms that are easy to fill out (typically only asking for name and email) to avoid high bounce rates. If a long form is scaring your customers away, get rid of the nonessential. The key difference between a landing page and your site is that there’s less navigation on a landing page. Clickable links and a call-to-action (ie: ‘download now’ button) are the only elements needed navigation-wise. Linking your logo to you regular homepage can also be a good way for users to learn more about your business before making a commitment. We make sure that the most important information is ‘above the fold’ (users don’t need to scroll to see it) and images don’t clutter up the screen. We also use a larger font to keep the text eye-catching. This type of advertising combines our website development services and internet marketing; Both departments work together to bring you results that you can take pride in.

Investing in landing page design:

  • Lets you tailor pages to match the promises made in your ads
  • Gives you data and insights into customer behavior
  • Boosts your brand awareness with a cohesive theme to all pages

Landing Page Design

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