Targeted Advertising

What is Targeted Advertising?

Targeted advertising is a type of advertising where advertisements are optimized to reach specific consumers based on various traits. These traits include (but aren’t limited to) demographics, psychographics and behavioral variables (such as product purchase history).

Most targeted new media advertising currently uses second-order proxies for targeting, such as tracking online or mobile web activities of consumers. These methods also include associating historical webpage consumer demographics with new consumer web page access, using a search word as the basis for implied interest, or contextual advertising.

Defining Your Target

We meet with you and define the different types of customers that purchase your product or service. We create personas for each type of customer that defines how they’re different from other customer types. We have ways of targeting each customer type based on various demographic, psychographic and behavioral characteristics.

Targeted Advertising - Defining Your Target

Product Matrix

More than likely, you have more than one product. We work with you to identify each one, as well as pinpoint how each target audience uses the product or products. To do this, we create a matrix showing how each target audience matches up to one or more products. One target audience may use all of your products, while others may only have a need for one product.

Targeted Advertising - Product Matrix

Relevancy of Targeted Advertising

Even though more than one target audience may use the same product, they may not use it in the same way. For example, you may have a fishing lure that can be used for multiple types of fish. A walleye fisherman may not relate to the lure if he sees the lure being used for bass fishing instead of walleye fishing. This is an example of two different uses for the same product. When we target our advertising, it’s important to present the most relevant creative to the associated target audience.

Targeted Advertising - Relevancy


Most companies have competitors to deal with. We work with you- as well as do our own research- to uncover the differentiators between your product/s and your competitor’s. This information is used in our creative ads as well as the landing pages we direct your target audiences to. Keep in mind that some differentiators are more important to one audience vs. another.

Targeted Advertising Results

By isolating your advertising dollars to those that specifically have a need for your product and communicating the differentiators that are important to each specific audience, you end up with the most profitable advertising possible. It may sound complicated, but it’s the type of work we do every day.

More and more companies are starting to use this tested process to generate leads and sales. We have a multitude of digital channels we can use to communicate your ads. We measure everything, optimize it as much as possible, and make changes as necessary to drive the lowest possible cost per engagement.

Targeted Advertising Results

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