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Content marketing can be a difficult concept to grasp for someone who’s only familiar with traditional advertising. As the lead Content Marketing Agency in Kansas City, we know just how to help you navigate these new waters. Think of it this way: growing up, you were always told to share. Share that toy with your brother, share your solution with the rest of the class, share the secret that your friend just whispered in your ear. Why should it be any different with content? We love sharing cute pictures of corgis with our friends, and Facebook feeds are now crowded with more shared content than original status updates. We’re humans–we’re built to be social creatures!

What We Offer

With social media on the rise and a growing number of people eager to share interesting content, your marketing strategies should adapt to take advantage of this shift. Our content marketing service includes blog posts, videos and images tailored to your researched key words, social media distribution platform, and target audience.

Is it Share-Worthy?

Content marketing isn’t necessarily promoting your brand in the same way that a billboard would, but rather generating interest in the brand’s products or services through the creation and distribution of online content. This can be done through social media posts, blogs, videos—basically any type of content on the Internet that’s easily shareable. The number one thing to remember with content marketing is that your content must be interesting. If you wouldn’t share it with your friends, chances are that no one else is going to share it either. Storytelling that makes people laugh, cry, punch a wall, etc. is going to be marketing gold. Original, authentic content from an expert in the field is going to have a higher share rate than information that’s been copied verbatim from another source.

The Magic Formula

Combining social media and content has always been an unspoken practice, but the term ‘content marketing’ finally puts into words exactly what we’re doing for you. The magic formula for this process is Your Story + SEO + social media = content marketing. Think of us as both the director and spotlight for your amazing content. You know how great you are, and we know how great you are. Now it’s time to let the world know how great you are. Contact us today about our content marketing services, or check out our blog for a content marketing guide.

Content Marketing - Custom Social Posts

Custom Social Posts

Content built to engage, educate and inspire.

Content Marketing - Viral-Worthy Videos

Viral-Worthy Videos

Think Harlem Shake meets the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge.

Content Marketing - Brand Stalking


We watch your brand like you watch Netflix. 24/7.

Content Marketing - Creating Brand Relationships

Creating Brand Relationships

We’re the ambassador between you and your fan base.

Content Marketing - Blog Posts

Blog Posts

We want to be an extension of you, highlighting how awesome you are and strategically showcasing your expertise.

Content Marketing - Articles


A buzz-worthy online presence requires concise information related to your brand.

Content Marketing - Customized Solutions

Customized Solutions

We don’t waste resources on platforms where you aren’t going to be successful. You can’t please everyone, so it’s our job to find your fans and get them talking.

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