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Content management applications are composed of the front-end user interface and content delivery application. The front-end is where users can modify, add and remove content from the website without the help of a developer. The CDA compiles this information and updates the site. Though there are plenty of Content Management Systems out there, we prefer WordPress. However, some businesses could benefit from CMS web design through Drupal, Joomla or an enterprise CMS system. We’ve seen clients double their organic traffic by transferring their site to a professionally optimized WordPress platform. If you’re on a budget, we can create a low-cost website by configuring a predesigned template. Our web development services go beyond helping you create a site; We guide you through the platform, so you can easily make updates once you’re on your own. more

Why WordPress?

What distinguished WordPress from other systems is that there is no license cost, you achieve outstanding SEO results, there’s a large third-party support community, additional functionality can be added, and the interface makes it easy for clients to make changes. WordPress can also be configured as the back-end of a large custom website. It’s the most popular content management system out there, with over 27% of the websites on the internet run through WordPress. You’ll be billed monthly, but there are different plans you can choose from based on your budget. The basic plan is free, but you’ll be tethered to a subdomain, limited to free themes and only have 3GB of storage space. It’s a better option for personal portfolios than a business website. A business website, on the other hand, gives you access to premium and business theme templates and Google Analytics support. Yoast SEO is a plug-in that you can add on to audit your site for SEO and give you suggestions to better optimize your content and URLs. This handy tool will display a red light if it notices anything within your page that might hinder your ranking, such as a lack of H1 tags, meta-descriptions or word count. With Yoast SEO, you also get some guidance on creating an ADA compliant website. As a web development agency, we know just how to leverage WordPress tools to encourage conversions.

Investing in a CMS Web Design:

  • Lets you manage your site without the aid of a developer
  • Gives you plenty of support forums in case you have a question
  • Saves you money that would have been spent on custom web development

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