Web Applications

Web applications interact and respond to user requests instead of being pre-formatted (like a web page).  These applications are typically used to store permanent information, like product descriptions/costs and customer orders. A web-based application uses a website as the interface or front-end, making it easy for users to access the application from any computer that has internet access. Our web application services can include anything from PHP development to Java to Ruby to ColdFusion. Many clients use a web application to improve communications with their suppliers or B2B customers. more

Benefits of Web Applications

For web development in Kansas City, web applications are a smart choice. Your application only needs to be developed for a single operating system, and we can easily customize the interface for different user groups. Web applications can also be customized to accommodate different devices, such as PDAs, phones and tablets. It’s a great tool for managing global teams, home working and collaboration. Plus, installation and maintenance are easy to manage; A new version or upgrade installed on the host server is automatically accessible to all users. We can increase the capacity of your web-based software by running the software on several servers simultaneously. Where desktop applications require that you monitor hundreds of client computers, web applications are deployed on dedicated servers which are maintained by server administrators. This also tightens security and speeds up reaction time in the event of a breach. Web applications are the perfect solution for businesses that want to manage internal systems and respond to users. For some web application inspiration, check out our blog post on the coolest apps ever.

Investing in web applications:

  • Requires no installation and is centralized for easy backup
  • Gives you a system that’s always up-to-date and available to anyone with internet access
  • Saves you money (users update own details, no printed material)

Web Applications

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