WordPress Developers

WordPress Developers

We are US-based WordPress developers. We have been building WordPress sites for 15 years. We only use a few CMS systems and WordPress is one of them. Our custom-built WordPress sites load fast, very mobile friendly and easy to manage. Our designers can help create a user-friendly site that increases customer engagement and thus increases conversions. If you are trying to hire a WordPress developer, look no further.

How we develop WordPress sites?

Customized to your business

We can’t build a great website for you until we understand your business. Your business is different from everyone else. We work with you to make sure your website design works for your business and your customers. It all starts with listening.

Speed is important

The speed of your website is very import when it comes to your site being listed high on searches. A very small change in speed can dramatically increase the visibility of your site to people searching for your products/services.

Minimal plugins

Plugins are great for adding functionality but too many are terrible for your SEO and maintenance. Plugins, in general, add code to your site and slow your site down. The more plugins you have, the more compatibility issues you will have. We use standard plugins and build unique functionality from scratch to help minimize the number of plugins and maintenance issues.

Easy editing

When we add custom functionality, we add the appropriate elements to the backend to make it easy for you to make edits. A CMS is meant to make it easy for you to make changes to your website. We adhere to that when we add custom functionality for you.

Flexible and built to last

One of the best things about WordPress is its ability to easily add new pages, text, functionality, etc. When we implement custom functionality, we do it in such a way as not to block in future capabilities.

Our approach

It’s important to go with WordPress developers that have a process. It’s important to go through a list of tasks in each phase in order to account for everything. Our approach includes these four phases.



We meet with you and listen. We want to understand your business, customers and competitors. We create a Detailed Requirements Document (DRS) that we use as our set of blueprints to build your custom website.



Design is where we create the various page styles. These styles will be used to create all the pages on your site. In this phase we also design the key functional elements of the site. This is where things become more visual.



In this phase there’s not as much to look at until the end of the phase. This is where all the nerdy stuff occurs. Here we’re implementing and testing the site for usability, speed and vulnerabilities. Everything must match the DRS.



This is where the final check lists are checked. We make sure the security is in place, back-ups are made, and the site gains final client approval. Once the approval is made, a launch date is set. We cut over the DNS and watch the site closely.

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