Website Management

This service is great for companies that don’t want to worry about their site security and uploading new content. The work isn’t over once the site goes live; Your website should be every-growing and adapting to incorporate the latest trends and company changes. You’ll need to make additions to your blog/news section, moderate comments, add and remove time-relevant promotions, manage potential security breaches and more. Your hosting company won’t always check to make sure your site is backed up and running correctly. In fact, some hosting companies won’t even back your site up unless you pay a fee. Applying that fee to a digital marketing agency is a much better decision, since we offer additional services on top of backups. Among our website management services is:

  • Server management
  • Server software updates
  • Security patch updates
  • CMS updates
  • Plug-in updates
  • Monthly analytics reporting
  • Site updates (copy, images, etc.)
  • Website traffic reporting

Enhanced Security

With hackers more determined than ever, it’s important to incorporate website management to ensure your data security. If you’re an eCommerce site that processes debit/credit cards, it’s especially necessary to have a web development company keeping up with your site security. Our website development in Kansas City comes with security precautions, but these often require patch updates. Data breaches were a major problem for businesses in 2016, with hackers stealing everything from social security numbers to account user login info. Hackers utilized phishing to trick employees into clicking an e-mailed link. Once clicked, hackers had access to the corporate network. If you want to prevent these types of attacks and receive immediate alerts when they take place, consider website management as the solution.

Investing in website management:

  • Leaves your website alterations in the hands of experts, reducing chances of error
  • Provides an added blanket of security
  • Gives you a monthly report on your website performance

website management

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