Web Development Services

Our Web Development Services cover everything from custom web applications to simple websites and everything in between.  Not to mention that but we are also an US Based Wed Develpoment Company. Building and managing e-commerce websites is one of our specialties. For e-commerce sites, we typically use Magento or WooCommerce depending on the complexity.


For custom applications, we can also build you an ecommerce website from scratch. When we build custom sites, we use PHP, HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, Angular, etc. For large custom sites, we use the most well known PHP framework, Laravel. More and more companies are moving their internal business applications to a cloud-based system because of the benefits. For one, it’s easier to access and interact with your system while your team is remote. It also makes it a little easier to connect with your customers and providers. Most of the custom web applications we build, connect to our client’s backend ERP system for order fulfillment and/or CRM system for customer management.


Our web development also includes building websites with a CMS (Content Management System). We can help you with a WordPress, Joomla or Drupal website. Most of the requests we get right now are for WordPress website redesigns. WordPress is a great tool and easy to use. However, if you don’t maintain your CMS, you may get hacked.


Our website management service makes sure your website is updated with new releases of software and ensures that new security patches are installed. This is a normal process that must be done on any site that uses some sort of content management system. It usually only takes a couple of hours a month, but it’s a very important service to ensure your site stays up and all sensitive information is protected.


We love to create easy-to-use, custom applications that replace old internal systems. Most of the time, the person that created the internal system is no longer around. Sometimes rebuilding the application is a way to put it on a known infrastructure that can be widely supported as time goes on.


Before you contact a website development agency, read our post ‘Hiring a Website Development Agency: 9 Things You Should Ask First‘ and make sure it’s an US based company.


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