5 Kansas City Startups That Should be on Your Radar

January 25, 2018 Published by ontarget

As a digital marketing agency in Kansas City, we know how hard it can be for Kansas City startups to get their name out there, network in a B2B environment, and build up a positive online presence.

But not for these guys. These five startups seemed to have no problem thriving in the competitive landscape of KC. By identifying a gap in the market, seeking out talented individuals, and putting a business plan into place, they managed to dominate the startup sphere. In this post, we’ll break down each startup’s capabilities and plans for the future. Entrepreneurs should pay careful attention to the growth of these companies, and take pointers to replicate their success.


c2fo logo

This financial technology company was founded in 2008 by Sandy Kemper, former CEO of UMB Financial Corporation. He used his previous experience to create the first market for working capital, a feat which landed the company on the “Forbes Fintech 50 List” for two years in a row.

Exponential Growth

With backing from Union Square Ventures, Temasek, Summerhill Venture Partners, etc., C2FO was able to turn their initial $40 million into a $1 billion quarter in 2013. Since their first transaction in May 2010, they have generated over $126 billion in working capital flow volume.

How it Works

C2FO helps out buyers and suppliers alike, incentivizing suppliers to offer customers discounts in exchange for early payment, on-demand. According to their website, “Suppliers take control of cash flow while their customers earn a no-risk return on short-term cash, and improve their bottom line and supply chain health”. C2FO prices the value of an early payment and increases the yield on your cash/short-term investments. They match up A/R and A/P to create “riskless provisioning of working capital between suppliers and buyers”. They also help suppliers regulate their cash flow by allowing buyers to boost EBITDA and gross margin. Buyers receive a better return on short-term cash.

c2fo diagram

Case Studies and Social Accounts

On top of routing buy and sell orders for cash to and from trading partners, they’re also active on their Twitter account and have a plethora of impressive case studies from brand names you’ll recognize. They make our list of top startups in Kanas City because they were the FIRST to come up with this solution.


farmobile logo

You can trust a company based in the Midwest to understand agriculture. States on the coast may typecast us by our corn production and excess of cows, but Farmobile is revolutionizing farming. Their digital system offers field based activity collection and the opportunity to make a profit off your field record.

How it Works

The Farmobile PUC is a compact device that installs on farm machinery and constantly gathers data elements (like agronomic and machine data) to populate your Electronic Field Records.  This report gives you field-by-field agronomic data that you can compare from year to year. Subscribers can access this data collection through the Farmobile Dashboard, which is operated through your secure account. You can check your records from your desktop or through a mobile phone. If you so choose, you can share your EFRs with agronomists, insurance agents and co-ops, or opt-in to the data store for the opportunity to sell a license to your EFR to third party buyers. Turning a profit makes the price tag worth it!

farmobile screen

Farmobile provides daily reports in real time, and files can easily be transferred between parties. File transfer also lets subscribers transfer prescription and documentation files, directly transfer files to machines and operators, and send files to your dashboard.


With a $1,250/year, 3-year subscription, they offer real-time machine performance and location, field based activity layers, inputs, the ability to share your data, 6 CAN channels for mixed fleet data collection, and more.

Social Accounts

You can check out their Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube accounts to learn about their mission and plans for the future.  They make our list of top startups because they managed to take farming to the 21st century.



Since 2011, DivvyHQ has been helping businesses manage their content strategy and creative production with shared content calendars, customizable content types/strategy fields and campaign management capabilities. Their unique content marketing software comes with a real-time dashboard and master content calendar for easy collaboration.

How it Works

Similar to programs like Hootsuite or Buffer, DivvyHQ allows for direct publishing to popular content channels and social media channels. In the long run, DivvyHQ might save you money if you’re already paying for one of these programs. Plus, you’ll be able to access features on any device, making it ideal for those on the go.

The program does more than publish content; You can track content performance using key metrics, like channel. This makes it easy for content directors to present ROI to their executives without having to spend hours aggregating content.

divvy hq diagram

Though the program can’t create the content for you, it CAN enable best practices for your content strategy and marketing. This includes a content strategy audit, drag and drop scheduling and email notifications for deadline reminders. They don’t abandon you once they have your business either; their onboarding service ensures you get the individualized plan you need, and ongoing support from content marketing experts means you’re never alone.

Social Accounts and Blog

Their Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and blog are also a great resources for the latest content marketing trends. Check them out!


risk genius logo

Complicated language and disorganization can make deciphering insurance policies frustrating. RiskGenius uses A.I. to break down insurance policies. Their algorithm clarifies policy language to make underwriting more effective. Whether you’re drafting a policy or trying to decipher it, this tool is a must-have.

Starting Out

Co-founder Chris Cheatham and Doug Reiser used their experience as insurance attorneys to launch RiskGenius in early 2016. They saw the need for a program that could parse insurance and surety bond policies and set out to improve claim documents. What started as ClaimKit, a software that could collect, organize and deliver claim documents to the necessary recipients, blossomed into a system that could compare policies and setup underwriting rules for the review of incoming policies. RiskGenius went through over a year of development and beta user feedback before launching, and they have plans to expand into analytics, manuscripts and compliance in the near future.

How it Works

The RiskGenius Compare feature places two policies side by side and pinpoints any differences using redline. The process is simple to initiate; With the click of a button, you can choose clause category and see how multiple policies stack up against each other. In addition to redlining, users are able to comment on and fully-search through policies.

risk genius dashboard

The Rules feature is ideal for when third parties submit custom policies to insurance carriers for reviews and underwriting. Genius Rules give Administrators the ability to establish underwriting rules for the review of new policies. These rules help you spot clauses that require review or conflicts and coverage.

Plans for the Future

RiskGenius has future plans to incorporate Manuscript, Analytics and Compliance. This would allow users to assemble custom policies from their repertoire of approved clauses, analyze data, and identify previously approved policy language during the review stage. RiskGenius makes our list of top startups in Kansas City because of their thorough testing and thirst for expansion. If you want to keep up with RiskGenius’ growth, follow them on Twitter.

Redivus Health

redivus health logo

It’s rare that you can start a company that actually saves lives, but that’s just what Redivus Health did. Their app allows health professionals to access the latest evidence-based protocols in the heat of the moment. By eliminating human error caused by high-stress situations, their app increases chances of survival.

How it Started

A group of physicians who saw growth opportunities in critical care situations launched Redivus Health in 2012 and the mobile app in 2015. The company’s innovative idea and stellar execution earned them awards from Launch KC, Fast Company, and Clinical Information Management.

How it Works

Misdiagnosis and medical errors are greatly reduced with the aid of the Redivus Health app. Health care providers are guided through diagnosis and treatment for cardiac arrest, stroke, and sepsis, though there are even more treatment areas in the works. Geared toward integrated health systems, rural hospitals and emergency responders, the app enforces compliance with proven medical guidelines. It also streamlines communication between nurses, doctors and emergency responders (Care Coordination), allowing for instant treatment. Plus, Immediate documentation saves money on administrative labor and paper costs.

redivus health phone screens

The app itself is available for both iOS and Android devices. User experience was clearly front-of-mind during development, and step-by-step guidance throughout a medical event is the app’s standout feature. Alerts and notifications ensure everyone who’s a part of the treatment and recovery process is on the same page. This includes notifications about time-sensitive tests.

Digital activity logging reduces room for error (no deciphering bad handwriting) and ensures accurate information at the exact time of occurrence. This not only satisfies compliance, but also makes it easy to transfer patient medical records later on.


In December of 2016, Redivus Health received a partnership with the University of Kansas Health System, putting this life-saving technology in the hands of rural Kansas hospitals that typically wouldn’t have access to this type of system. We’re excited to see just how many lives this Kansas City startup saves in the future.

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