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Ontarget is a premier Digital Marketing Agency with offices around the Midwest. We live at the corner of Marketing and Technology. Our diet consists of marketing and advertising issues. It's a diet full of fiber that leaves us with a clear mind to create marketing ideas.

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Since launch, we have seen a 30% increase in sessions, 28% increase in visitors, 36% increase in pageviews and a 4% increase in pages per session. Further, we have seen a 117% increase in revenue, a 36% increase in our conversion rate, 74% increase in transactions and our average order value has increased by 24%.

Brian McGannon, Midland Radio Corporation

Midland USA - Redesign

How can Ontarget help you?

We provide a wide range of digital services.

  • Mobile Development
  • Web Development
  • Mobile Marketing
  • Internet Marketing

Mobile Development

We take your mobile application ideas and make them come to life. We do the user interface design and coding for you. Usually we can use our mobile development and design experience to make your ideas even better.

  • iOS
  • Android
  • iPhone
  • Responsive
  • HTML5

More about Mobile Development

Mobile Development

Web Development

Company websites play a critical role in sales today. Is your website working as hard as it can? We combine our marketing knowledge with our technical expertise to give you a website that looks good and works. Whether it's your website or the development of an online application/customer portal we can help.

  • eCommerce
  • Web Site Design
  • Online Applications
  • Landing Pages
  • Responsive
  • CMS Platforms

More about Web Development

Web Development

Mobile Marketing

People are using their mobile phones to research companies more and more. Mobile marketing is the fastest digital marketing channel right now. We are mobile marketing experts.

  • Advertising
  • Search
  • SMS Text
  • GEO Fencing
  • App Downloads

More about Mobile Marketing

Mobile Marketing

Internet Marketing

With digital media, we can target specific types of customers for you. By targeting, we reduce the waste of traditional advertising and provide a better return on your digital marketing investment. We have the experience of the East and West coast agencies without the high price tag. We can help you get the most out of your digital marketing budget.

  • Advertising
  • Search
  • SEO
  • Email
  • Social Media

More about Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing

Here’s what frustrates you most as a marketing manager or business owner:

Our smaller size allows us ample time to dedicate toward our clients. No crawling through several layers of management to get your issue taken care of. We also let YOU set the budget, so you can scale as you see fit. Have a new product that you think would bring in people to your site? We can start up a paid social campaign and keep it running for whatever timeframe you want. If you need a little SEO help to get your site structure and keyword list established, you can hire us on for just a couple months. No severance necessary!
We help non-sexy companies find the people who DO think they’re sexy. If you’re a B2B company that doesn’t have a fan following, we can get you set up with a LinkedIn ad campaign that targets your exact demographic—all the way down to the University they attended. We also work with companies to create ‘sexy’ material related to their brand. If you’re a company that sells pencils, we can create a video for Facebook on ‘The 10 Times a Pencil Saved My Life’. If you have the budget, we can even get a few micro-influencers involved. It’s all about knowing your customer base and tailoring your content to them.
It can be frustrating to see likes, comments and link follows drop off before any conversions are made. With our tracking and reporting tools, we can identify WHERE your visitors are dropping off and WHY they’re dropping off. Conversion throttling might be due to forms with too many fields, issues with navigation or content that isn’t clear. We can brainstorm paid advertising campaigns that coincide with your brand voice and dangle a carrot that’s just too good to pass up (ie: free eBook, risk-free trial, etc.).
We’ve been implementing SEO (search engine optimization) strategies for over a decade, and we’ve seen our clients’ website traffic double with our efforts. SEO is the best way to draw in high-intent users to your website right when they’re searching for the product or service you offer. By targeting highly specific keywords and implementing strategic planning, we ensure your product or service gets seen by site visitors that are ready to purchase.
Paid advertising is one of the most difficult marketing channels to tackle if you’re coming into it with no experience. Luckily, our AdWords specialists have spent years tagging, implementing, optimizing and tracking search engine ads. Not only can we design a customized landing page, but we can also A/B test for optimal results. Our monthly reporting outlines your ROI based on the amount we’ve bid for your keywords and the conversions generated from your ads. By establishing Key Performance Indicators and assigning a specific value to each visitor interaction, we can ensure your ad spend is bringing in viable leads.
With digital advertising quickly outpacing more traditional marketing channels (like billboards and commercials), it’s important to be able to adapt. As a top digital marketing agency in Kansas City, we know how to formulate a solution that works with your budget. We’ll meet with you to establish your product, target audience and desired results before we propose a marketing strategy. From there, we’ll work together to choose which channels will get you the most return for your investment. Not only do we have a diverse portfolio of clients, but we also have a diverse set of skills on our team. We consult each specialist to determine which channels would produce the best results for your business. You’re getting an expert opinion from someone who eats, sleeps and breathes that specific marketing tactic.
A lot of business owners and marketing managers don’t realize that their separate marketing channels can coalesce. As part of search engine optimization, we create website content (like blog posts) that can be shared on your social media channels. Not only does this provide substance for your social channels, but it also increases your likelihood of gaining backlinks to your shared content. These backlinks then bolster your organic rankings. Content marketing works the same way. We create content that will draw visitors to your website and establish your business as a reputable source. Your customer base will turn to you for advice, entertainment and solutions, meaning your social shares will earn more engagements, you’ll gain more followers and you have (again) a higher chance of earning backlinks to your site. It’s all an endless circle of traffic growth! We can help you join these forces for optimal impact.
As a marketing firm that specializes in reputation management, we can suggest tools to help you track where people are leaving reviews for your business and what they’re saying. We can also coach you on how to respond to negative reviews, or draft up the responses ourselves. If you already have a stellar online reputation, we can help you showcase your positive reviews on social media, your website and on the search engine results page. For business that don’t have very many online reviews, we can create email marketing campaigns asking your satisfied customers to leave a review. We’ll even include a direct link to the review websites, so recipients can easily put in a good word for you. With referrals and online reviews leading the list of purchasing decision influencers, you want to make sure your business’ online reviews accurately reflect your brand mission.

We live at the corner of marketing and technology.

Client Experience

We have the privilege of working with some great clients both small and large. Our goal is to create a long-term relationship, not a short-term gain.

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