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There Are 3 Types of People

in the world, it all boils down to 3. Sure, there are a lot of unique details that separate us from each other, but in our basic form, we fall into one of 3 types of people. We believe the movie “American Sniper” had it wrong when he said the 3 kinds of people were: “wolves, sheep and sheepdogs.” In our opinion you’re either a Sheep, a Wolf or a Llama. We’re Llamas.


Sheep are your everyday people that move with the herd and do what is asked of them… they go to work everyday, come home, take care of the family, have a few friends and don’t have a great deal of excitement in their life. Sheep tend to go along trusting people and assuming when someone says something, that means they’ll do it. Sheep make up a large percentage of the population.


Wolves, on the other hand, are those people looking to have as much as possible and not really caring about whom they eat along the way. They tend to feed on sheep. They dress up and look harmless, but when the time is right, they show their teeth and take as much as they can. Their only goal in life is to have more than anyone else. Unfortunately, there are a lot of wolves out there.


Llamas were put on this Earth by God to protect sheep. Sheepherders have added Llamas to their sheep herds for centuries. Llamas can’t stand idle while sheep are getting taken advantage of. Llamas take action against the wolves and become the sheep’s greatest friend. With llamas around, the sheep don’t have to worry about the sneaky wolf. The llama’s super powers allow it to see right through the facade and see the wolf for who he really is.

Llamas are the ones sheep trust to protect them from wolves.

At Ontarget, we hold our heads high (seriously, those are long necks…) and consider ourselves proud llamas.

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