My name is Terry Oehrke and I started Ontarget. I’m probably the tallest, nerdiest marketing person you’ll find; I have six Internet patents and have been running interactive agencies now for fourteen years. I have been running Ontarget since 2005, and we’ve had the luxury of working with both small and large companies. We’re truly driven by helping people–big or small, we work with them all. 

My wife and I are ethical and strong within our faith. We believe our purpose is to help as many people as possible. We try to use our gifts in a way that not only allows us to enjoy life, but also benefits others. A few years back, I found myself praying to God to guide me in my path toward reaching and helping as many people as possible… with a small disclaimer: to not try and shape me into Mother Teresa, because I just didn’t think I had those gifts. After a few months I realized that I could use my gifts to help the Mother Teresa companies do the things I felt I could not. Ever since then we’ve devoted a large portion of our time and profits to helping not-for-profit organizations that we believe are making a Godly impact on others around the world.

We love what we do, and knowing we are able to stay true to our passion for helping those in need through our work is just the cherry on top.

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