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January 30, 2017 Published by ontarget

A Company You Can Trust

Anthony Plumbing, Heating and Cooling has been serving the Kansas City area for over 65 years, establishing relationships built on trust, excellence and follow-through. Not only do they provide service when you need it (including weekends!), but they also help the community through special events, giveaways, and free tutorials.

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The History

The company was established in 1951 by Anthony (Tony) D’Agostino and Mayme, his wife. From humble origins in the family’s home basement, the company now employs dozens of trained professionals in both Missouri and Kansas. Paul, Anthony’s oldest son, would help his dad on various projects before he became sole owner in 1999. With new leadership in 2007, the company expanded its reach and coined the term “technicians you can trust with your house keys”. 2013 brought a new leadership team: Kent Gurske, Steve Burbridge, Dan House, Mark Mitchell, and Dean Shneider. Today, Anthony has over 120 employees, and each employee is given 100 hours of training each year.

Community Involvement

Anthony works with community organizations as well. They provided a tune-up and repair of air conditioners at the Avenue of Life in Kansas City, installed a heating and cooling system for Heroes Home Gate, and continuously provide annual maintenance and needed repairs on air conditioners at Youth Front camp. These organizations help low-income families, displaced and homeless veterans, and young people gathered for fellowship. Anthony also installed two high-efficient furnaces and a brand new air distribution system at the Hope Community Church. A company that really cares about the well-being of their community is a company you can trust.

On top of helping charitable organizations, Anthony also hosts events that are completely FREE. On February 8th, they’ll be throwing a ‘Guys Night Out’ event with BBQ from McGonigles Market, beer tasting from Red Crow Brewing, and bourbon/vodka tasting courtesy of Union Horse Distillery. The event will also have a poker and craps table, so you can use your winnings to buy raffle tickets for lots of awesome prizes. While you’re at it, you can browse their selection of Vantine’s Day gifts, including jewelry, massage and spa treatment, and flower orders! In addition, there will be a lodging giveaway for CO, reps from Sporting KC and the Mavericks, and a free 5-minute chair massage. It’s events like these that really make Anthony a plumbing, heating and cooling company you can count on.

Anthony offers classes as well, so you can learn how to fix the easier problems you may come across. Their topics range from changing a flush valve on your toilet to controlling your home with a smart phone. These 60-minute ‘how-to’ classes occur two Tuesdays of every month. Not only will you receive the information you need to do some quick fixes, but you also get a hands-on tutorial to make sure you’ve really absorbed the lesson. These lessons are FREE and there is no obligation to make any purchases. Past topics have included toilet and faucet care and repair, instant hot water, and home humidification and air quality.

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Become an ASAP Member

Some of the benefits of being an ASAP member include no overtime charges, weekend services, and the ability to request the same technician for every visit. As part of the program, you have access to three professional, comprehensive tune-ups (one heating, one cooling, and one plumbing) each year. With your monthly payments, you also receive 30% off all products and services,  same day service, and energy savings. You can choose between the monthly plan (interest free) or an up-front annual payment. You can even transfer the plan when you move homes! The annual plumbing tune-up includes a 10 point water heater tune-up and saves you money by negating the need for future repair calls.

Anthony MyHome App

One of the most unique features about Anthony that really sets them apart from the crowd is their Anthony MyHome. With this app, you have total home control from your smartphone or tablet. You can adjust almost anything on your property, including lighting, climate, appliances, surveillance, and energy savings. If you’re someone who worries about accidentally leaving the lights on or the garage open, have no fear! This app allows you to check whether you left your garage door open and close it from your phone. Remotely unlock your door for the house sitter, or change the temperature of the house without having to hike up the stairs to the thermostat. Your teens might call it stalking, but you can also check when they get back if you’re concerned about their safety, No need to wait up when your phone alerts you! Leave a straightener on and terrified that it’ll start a fire? The MyHome app even lets you cut off electricity to certain outlets in the house.

Cooling Services

Anthony’s cooling services include 24-hour air conditioning repair and installation. No matter the brand or model of your air conditioner, Anthony technicians can repair just about anything. Air conditioners should be replaced around every 12 years, and an Anthony’s specialist can come out to your house to give you an estimate—free of charge and with no obligations. Sometimes replacing an air conditioner makes more financial sense than having to constantly fix a lemon. All technicians have been background-checked and drug tested. They also wear shoe covers to ensure there is no damage to any part of your home or lawn. If anything is damaged as a result of an Anthony employee, they’ll cover the cost to fix or replace it. With 100% satisfaction guaranteed, you really have nothing to lose. These same policies apply to their heating and plumbing services.

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One of the cooling services offered is the Maestro Zoning System. This option is comprised of automatic dampers that let you control the temperature of separate areas in different rooms. What makes this possible is an electronic mirror that activated dampers as ordered by the individual thermostat in the areas served. Zoning is a good option if your home has multiple levels, has many glass areas, a portion of the home is built over a concrete floor slab, or you have a large, open area with vaulted ceilings or an atrium.


Not only does their website offer tips on how to troubleshoot your boiler before paying for repair, but it also gives a breakdown of what services you can expect from an Anthony boiler repair request. The two-year money-back satisfaction guarantee and a comfort guarantee (house will maintain 70 degrees even when it’s 0 degrees outside) ensure you can purchase with confidence. With referral rewards and a pay-back program, you could accumulate enough services to get your boiler installation or repair FREE. Anthony is an eight-time winner of the Angie’s List Super Saver Award, affirmation that the reviews for the company are positive. Another great thing about Anthony is that they don’t just fix the problem and leave. They compile a quality control report and train you on how to take care of and operate your new system.

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Garage Heater

If you live in a colder city and are concerned about having to heat up your car every morning, a garage heater might be the perfect option. Anthony has heaters that work in garages and detached work sheds. On top of keeping your garage warm, heaters also help the rooms above your garage keep toasty. Infrared heat is their heating of choice since it works like the sun, directing heat toward objects only and not the air around them. These heated objects then heat the rest of the space, creating hot spots rather than hot air. These heaters are maintenance free and come with either a one year warranty (gas control) or five year warranty (burner).

Customized Solutions

Though you may not know about them, there are heating and plumbing options that might make more sense for your situation than what’s standard. Anthony works to accommodate all needs and preferences. A service that many might not know about is water softener. This amenity removes minerals (calcium and magnesium) from your water, resulting in softer skin and less spotting on your dishes. It protects your appliances too, since damaging hard water can actually wear on your appliances over time. Anthony recommends Northstar softener, since it picks up on your water use habits and adjusts reduce salt and water usage. A tankless water heater is another option that Anthony stands behind. A tankless water heater only uses energy to heat water when there’s a demand for it, saving you money. The water is heated when it passes through the heater rather than beforehand in a giant tank.

Anthony prides itself on being a heating, cooling and plumbing establishment that you can count on for timely and efficient service. On top of training people to manage their own home maintenance, they also host events to bring people in the community together. They help charitable organizations by donating their time and equipment. As a company that’s been serving the Kansas City area for over 65 years, you can trust them with your house keys. Ontarget is proud to provide marketing assistance to a company that’s so passionate about what they do.

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