Are you ready for the Post-PC World?

August 12, 2013 Published by ontarget

We all know that there has been an explosion of mobile devices since the iPhone was released in 2007. It was only a little more than 5 years ago, and many people and companies are still in a state of shock. To some, mobile still feels new – that is, nothing more than an alternative to the normalcy of the desktop. While the desktop may still dominate workplace computing, many companies are seeing a major shift in the technology consumption habits of their clients, which will make it a post-pc world. Keep in mind this is only going to accelerate in the near future.

Post PC-World, TabletsConsider these estimates about mobile devices:

  • According to IDC, tablet shipments are expected to grow 58.7% year over year in 2013, reaching 229.3 million units.
  • In 2012, tablet shipments were only 144.5 million units.
  • Worldwide Quarterly Tablet Tracker’s latest forecast update estimates tablet shipments to be upwards of 350 million by the end of 2017.

That is more than one tablet for everyone in the United State and Canada. Can this be true? Android, Windows and other powered tablets are also increasing their efforts in the tablet market and are only now gaining market share in the mobile space. Look for increased competition and options in the near future. The tablet market will continue to develop, mature and expand.

Further, cost will bolster future tablet sales. The sluggish economy has made price a bigger factor with many consumers’ big electronics purchases. The cost of tablets is forecasted to continue to decline. In fact, IDC predicts that the average tablet will drop by double-digit percentage points to only $381. The average PC costs about $630.

This puts the average cost of a new tablet at about half that of a PC.

At the same time, tablets will continue to improve and be able to perform more tasks that only the PC was able to do in the past. Tablets makers will continue to increase the capabilities of their particular line of tablets. Finally, tablet sales, by themselves, will surpass laptop PC sales in 2013. As well:

  • Tablet shipments will surpass the combined total of laptop and desktop shipments by 2015.
  • By 2017, tablet sales will greatly surpass sales of PCs.


Expected Worldwide Device Shipments by Segment (Thousands of Units)



This is a fundamental shift in the way people consume media and, therefore, how you present yourself. Many times, a website is a key part of a company’s image and serves as a gateway to potential clients. All future website marketing will have to consider the method by which people consume media and marketing.

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