Benefits of PHP as an Internet Marketing Language

May 1, 2013 Published by ontarget
All programming languages have their benefits and have their place in the development community.  When it comes to Internet based websites, landing pages, etc. it’s hard to argue with the benefits of PHP.  You can build websites in .NET, Java, Python, Ruby on Rails, PHP, CGI, Perl, etc. You can get to the same end point; you just take a different path.
PHP Icon representing the benefits of PHPHere is a list of some of the most important benefits of PHP:


PHP is a royalty free programming language.  It doesn’t cost anything to download it or use it now or in the future.  Usually when something’s free it has a tendency to make your internal alert system go up but in this case your alert system can relax.

Mature and Proven Language

PHP is a 15-year-old language specifically built for the Internet and Internet Marketing.  It’s a proven language used on some of the largest sites on the Internet (Facebook,, Yahoo, and just to name a few).  You don’t have to worry about the community surrounding PHP; you’ll be in good company.

Enormous Library of Free Classes

Since PHP is free it means a lot of web developers can easily work with the language without costing them anything.  For that reason developers freely give code snippets on the Internet for others to download.  Code snippets that do almost anything.  You don’t have to necessarily code everything from scratch.  With a little work you can probably find a dozen or more code snippets on the Internet for what you’re trying to do.  Another cost savings in development time.

Thousands of Resources

Since PHP is an easy language to learn and work with there are thousands upon thousands of developers that know PHP.  It’s nice to know if your current developer doesn’t treat you right that another one is around the block.  When you have more resources that tends to drive the cost down due to heavy competition.  Cost savings are just one of the benefits of PHP.

Web Server Support

PHP runs on virtually every operating system making it extremely portable from server to server.  It not only runs on Windows servers but it also runs on PC’s running Linux and Apache (both open-source) and costing nothing to setup and nothing for maintenance and upgrades.

Database Friendly

PHP works with the majority of databases in use today.  You can use something like an open-source database like MySQL or ‘enterprise’ databases like Oracle OCI8, MSSQL and IBM DB2.  You don’t have to worry about migrating your data to another platform in order to change programming languages to gain the benefits of PHP.

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