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September 6, 2013 Published by ontarget

The best webdesignersWhen looking for the best Webdesigner you have to first think about what you’re wanting in a webdesign. Some webdesigers are great at making pretty pictures for you website but they don’t understand usability.

The best Webdesigner will first ask a lot of questions about your business, how your products are purchased, your customer/s, your competition, etc. If you have a webdesigner and they’re not asking those questions ask them for all the original work they’ve done and run away.

The best Webdesigner will know something about psychology. We interact differently with each type of media.  A billboard you have about 4-5 seconds to get your point across. A newspaper is browsed for hours. A website is where everyone wants to find what they want quickly. If they don’t find what they want they click the Back button and find something else on Google.

A great Webdesigner will prioritize the page design. Through research we’ve found that people generally read a website from left to right, top to bottom much like we read printed material. However, our eye is usually drawn first to the largest element on the page (image or text). They user will then tend to move to the next largest element and so on until they find what they’re looking for or get to a point where everything else is the same size. Webdesigners know that users scan a page looking for a quick clue to what they’re looking for.

What do you think happens if you’re website has a lot of content (great for SEO, right) but the content is roughly the same size throughout the page? A person’s brain immediately understands that if it’s going to find what it’s looking for it will have to read the entire page. Remember the user is on the web and they’re impatient.  The last thing they want to do is read a lot of text to find what they’re looking for.

The best Webdesigner will setup an information architecture that makes it easy for your customers to get to the information they want quickly. The days of artistic websites have passed and people want content and they want it quickly or they’re gone. That doesn’t mean the site should look bad. It’s just not about the design first it’s about the content first and the design second.

If you have a website the first step our Webdesigners would do is analyze your current site through your website analytics, heatmaps, customer interviews, etc. That’s the best approach but if you have to get a website created on a small budget we can eliminate tasks and get you the best website we can within your budget.

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