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April 21, 2015 Published by ontarget

Custom Software DevelopmentOntarget is digital marketing agency that specializes in custom software development. Our custom software development is installed around the world. We don’t believe every situation requires custom development. We look for off-the-shelf solutions first to help reduce the cost. One of our sayings is that you buy for parity and build for differentiation.

It’s very hard to maintain a software development team. We can be your outsourced custom software development team. We have a very fun environment and culture that’s conducive to young custom software developers. We specialize in PHP Development Services.

What is Custom Software Development?

Custom software development is a unique application that typically is not like other applications. For instance, in the business world most of the software used is optimized to the unique aspects of each company. Most companies are not alike so they tend to build custom applications to electronically manage their business.

Companies still have a great deal of custom software running on internal systems. The trend is to move the applications to the web in a secure way so the company can easily operate in a global market. That means there are a lot of systems that need to be redeveloped using a custom software development process.

When do you do Custom Software Development?

Like I said above, we don’t try to make every project a custom one. Off-the-shelf software is a lot cheaper and quicker to implement. The problem is that companies don’t operate like each other. The majority of companies have very specific needs when it comes to running their business, products and/or services. Those specific needs drive the requirement for custom software development.

The main reason to do custom software development is to differentiate your business from your competitors. If you’re going to have to do custom development because your business process is different, make sure you incorporate some competitive differentiators that separate yourself from your competition.

How do you Select a Custom Software Development Company?

We’re a US based development company, which most companies prefer. You can go with an offshore company but there are a lot of risks and you may loose all your money and end up with nothing to show for it. We prefer to be face-to-face with our clients, especially when we’re defining how everything will work.

When looking for a custom software development company you should look for a company you trust, one that has good references, one that has a process and most important, one that gives you ownership of your custom code.

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