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August 4, 2017 Published by ontarget

EML Payments

We’ve recently been able to take on a few more clients and what an exciting ride its been getting to know more about what Kansas City has to offer and what services are out there that we would not think of on a daily basis. We’ve gotten to know EML Payments and decided they deserved a spotlight on who they are and how their services work. Take a look at the guest article below to learn more about this international payment solutions company that is right here in the heart of the City.

We’re an international payment solutions company that specializes in payout cards, incentive and reward cards, gift cards, and supplier payment cards. Their mission is to create and manage payment card solutions that no other payment solution company can match. We issue mobile, virtual and physical card solutions to corporations all over the world, which means our payment cards can be issued in USD, CAD, EUR, GBP and AUD. Our 850 programs cover North America, Europe and Australia, and EML Payments Limited is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX: EML). Our multilingual customer service team and 24/7 support exemplify our commitment to accommodating all of our customers. After all, excellent service starts with excellent communication.

Our Specialties

We want you to trust our payment processes, which is why we simplify card program management and operations. Our supplier enrollment process has been carefully designed for optimal supplier conversions, and each campaign is crafted in-house by EML representatives.

Our reloadable payout cards give cardholders immediate access to their funds. Funding card programs for gaming payouts, government disbursements, healthcare reimbursements and commission payouts are incredibly flexible. Plus, reloadable payout cards ensure your payments are processed safely and swiftly.

Our custom loop incentive/reward cards can help businesses enhance brand loyalty and drive reward dollar spend to select merchants. Each time a cardholder transacts with your business, they are eligible to receive rewards that can only be redeemed at your stores and partner merchant locations. Corporate-funded promotions can support off-site events like fundraisers, holiday activities or fashion shows. You’ll see your attendance numbers multiply with load cards that contain special offers. In turn, you’ll get new sales opportunities!

The payment and loyalty mobile app allows you to build loyalty no matter where you’re at. Pay, earn and redeem money through secure transactions. Plus you have the ability to track purchases, visits and social posts.

Gift cards are issued by a financial institution and are processed through a global bankcard network. You can also select the option to direct spend to select merchants and retailers within a set area. This boosts local businesses and encourages shopping in city centers, downtowns and local shopping districts.

With an open loop program, you can utilize a network, such as Mastercard®, Visa or eftpos, to allow your cards to be  accepted anywhere that network is accepted. A custom loop program customizes specific retail locations, merchants and terminals that accept the card. The custom loop option keeps cardholder spend within the selected locations, increases traffic, and boosts loyalty/brand awareness.

Other payment services include virtual cards, ACH and eChecks, all of which aim to eliminate hidden payment costs, optimize supplier enrollment, and increase the rebates on your daily payments. Virtual card payments integrate with your existing AP process to boost the efficiency of you and your suppliers without any IT or ERP. Suppliers receive their virtual cards through email, and they’re accepted the same as credit/debit cards. Since virtual cards are cheaper than ACH or checks and generate revenue, they’re an economically sound choice for your business. They also provide remittance detail and come with fraud protection.

Looking Toward the Future

Our vision is to “transform the commercial payments landscape through high value payment programs that deliver more control, transparency and flexibility over payment processes.” In other words, we want you to know what you’re getting! To ensure open communication with our existing and potential customers, we’d like to use this blog as a platform to keep you informed about ourcompany. In addition, we’d like to provide educational materials to better illustrate how you can use payment solutions to increase your business’ efficiency.

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