Google Maps Not Working?

May 22, 2018 Published by ontarget

Did your company’s Google Maps stop working all of a sudden? Your customers heavily rely on this feature to find your business. So, when you no longer show up on the Google Maps Platform, you will automatically see a decline in business, especially new business.

Earlier this month, Google announced a new version of its Maps capability, entitled Google Maps Platform.

This new program allows any business to use up to $200 worth of Google Maps Platform services at no cost.

If your business exceeds this limit, only then will Google charge your account. You have the option to pass up the billing option but, if the limit is ever exceeded, your account will be paused until a bank account is linked.

Google Maps Platform APIs

After entering your billing information, you need to create an API key. Typically, a developer will do this under their Google account but, now, Google also asks for the billing information, which a developer will not do. Without the billing information, your Google Maps listing will disappear or pause until this is done. 

Google has released an extensive pricing table to show businesses what is possible within the free $200 range. The table includes the ability to chat with sales support to help you better understand what you can and cannot do within the limit.

Essentially, Google is giving every business a $200 gift card each month. You have free reign to spend this as you please. The best part is, unlike most services, there is no limiting what services you can use, but simply limiting how much of each you use.

What Does This Mean For My Business?

Along with the pricing table, Google made up a guide to help businesses transition into the Google Maps Platform usage. The guide includes video tutorials on how to add your billing method and ideas on how to spend your $200 wisely.

Starting June 11, 2018, make sure that you have saved your company’s billing info on your Google account to keep your Maps profile up and running.

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