Internet Advertising the CPC Way

January 20, 2012 Published by ontarget

3 blocks with C, P, CWe all know that online advertising provides the most cost effective awareness generation of all media channels.  Due to it’s targeting capabilities and extremely low CPM (cost per thousand impressions) there’s virtually no waste with the CPC model of advertising.  Heavy ad frequency to those prospects that line up directly with your best customers.

Now we can purchase online advertising with a CPC (cost per click) model.  We don’t worry abou the targeting side because the vendor takes on the risk.  They only get paid when someone goes to your website.  You might get millions of impressions and just a couple of clicks but that’s where you win.  The network will quickly figure out what people click and will automatically optimize to give you as many clicks as possible. BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE!

No, not a Ginsu knife or an orange squeezer.  Once we run for about 30 to 45 days under the CPA model we can switch to a CPA (cost per acquisition) model.  This means you don’t pay for the add unless you get a lead or someone purchases something.  How great is that.  If the dollar amount for that lead is below your typical lead cost you’ll just want to keep feeding the machine while it spits out leads/sales.

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