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September 6, 2017 Published by ontarget

We’ve already talked about the best bloggers, startups and websites, but why not showcase some social media accounts that stand out?

We judged company/non-profit social media accounts based on the frequency of sharing, interaction with followers and fans and usefulness of information shared. If you’re sharing content that doesn’t benefit users in some way, you’re talking to a wall. You can try to entertain your followers with funny videos/memes. Or curate content that will turn your followers into experts on your niche topic. You should share events, giveaways, associate profiles…anything that may humanize your brand and draw traffic to your website. Social media is an important part of internet marketing in Kansas City. It’s hard to explain good social media strategy though, so we thought we’d show it to you with some great examples. Here’s our list of the top 4 business social media accounts in Kansas City:

1. Nelson-Atkins Museum of Art

Who doesn’t love the Nelson? Whether it’s navigating glass mazes or posing next to the scarily life-like statue in the contemporary section, there’s always fun stuff going on at this Kansas City staple. And since there’s always something going on, they have plenty of fodder to share on their social media accounts. They post non-stock photography of activities going on in the museum, artist features, quotes from influencers and details about some of their favorite works of art. They share information related to art/design in general and information about Kansas City. With about 8 Tweets a day on Twitter, they’ve nailed down frequency. If you tag them in photos and status updates, they even share your post. Plus, almost all posts on Twitter come with an accompanying image. We’re visual creatures, so it’s good to give us some eye candy when we’re scrolling through a feed.

nelson post

Their Facebook (which boasts over 100,000 followers) is up-to-date with all their upcoming events.

These events are also given their own page on Facebook, making it easy for users to mark their calendar and see who else is attending. Plus, discussion features within event pages let you ask questions about the event. They have a video featured on their home page and a reoccurring ‘Art Moment’ post. Which highlights one of the pieces currently on exhibit. This is great for people who tend to rush through the museum in a hurry. They also use their social media platforms to let followers know when their hours will be different. Their Instagram boasts the same consistency—quality content that’s relevant and unique.

nelson events

2. Kansas City Public Library

Don’t believe everything you see in Parks and Recreation—not all libraries are evil. In fact, the Kansas City Public Library is one of the best out there, and their social media skills prove it. Not only do they have a parking garage that makes headlines, but they also have plenty of FREE activities that they share on their social media accounts. They us social media to get the word out about their library and community resource events, displays, librarian spotlights, free Tuesday night movie events and updates about going-ons within the library. They Tweet about 4 times a day on Twitter. As far as internet marketing in Kansas City goes, they do a great job integrating their events and their social media.


Their Facebook also has separate event pages, making it easy for them to estimate attendance and send updates to interested parties. They do a great job utilizing hashtags to expand their reach and tagging people who are mentioned in their posts. They keep it light with some emojis in their posts and share relevant articles that they’re featured in. What I like about their Instagram page is how real it is—Art in the Loop videos, kids eating pizza outside their building, food features from their café. They capture the Kansas City spirit, and their love for the community shows in their social media accounts.

3. Pawn & Pint

If you’ve never heard of this place, you might assume it’s a pawn shop…but the only thing being pawned here is dignity. That’s right—this is board game central. Whether you’re into the feud-creating Sorry! or more intricate games like Dungeons and Dragons, this nerd haven is a must-visit. If you want to know more about the atmosphere there, just check out their social media accounts. Donald The DM’s Twitter account has over 5,000 followers.

Wanna know why? They picked a niche game that has a strong, loyal following and catered to that demographic. Not everything they post has to do with Dungeons and Dragons, but most of it has a consistent tone. They ask opinion questions (not all about board games) and share updates about Pawn and Pint. The actual Pawn and Pint account provides information about their upcoming events and themed nights, as well as pictures of people enjoying board games. They also feature a ‘Game of the Day’. If you’re a board game enthusiast, you need to be following their social media.

pawn and pint

What makes their Facebook account so unique is that they have groups to aid members in organizing role play events and game suggestions. It’s also used to find players and dungeon masters for games. They pose trivia questions on their Facebook account and get plenty of responses. Maybe consider incorporating this in your own social media strategy to encourage interactions. They have several updates each day, ensuring you always know what’s going on at Pawn and Pint. Their Instagram features some of the people who visit their location and the products they’re wanting to promote. They do a great job seamlessly integrating advertising strategies into their feed, and they only advertise products that are related to their brand.

pawn and pint internet marketing in kansas city

4. Ink Magazine

If you’re a fan of Kansas City, then you’re probably a fan of Ink Magazine. They provide information about festivals in the area, upcoming concerts, foodie finds and can’t-miss KC spots. They’re a great proponent of local businesses and artists, making them the ideal resource for those wanting to find unique products and things to do in the area. As part of the Kansas City Star, they have access to the latest information. Ink has some smart marketing on their social media accounts as well. Like their Twitter banner advertises their newsletter and their Facebook banner gets the word out about their LIVE! music stage. Use social media banners to advertise your own promotions and upcoming events!


With over 30,000 followers on Twitter, they must be doing something right.

They announce new store/restaurant openings and closings, use video to show what’s in their events calendar, and make concert announcements. Even retweet other influencers in the Kansas City area.

The company will tweet out questions like “What’s your fav place in KC to order take-out and what are you ordering?” to generate follower interaction. Emojis help visualize the question. What I like most about their Twitter account is how frequently they tweet (about 6 times a day) and how reliable they are as a resource. It can be a pain to comb through the internet looking for ‘things to do this weekend’, but Ink creates a useful video that gives you all this info in less than five minutes.

Their Facebook account posts similar content but incorporates event pages as well. According to their page, they reply to messages within an hour—a great number for a business with so much going on. One of my favorite posts from them is a giveaway:

ink magazine

What they do right? They include a date that the winner will be announced, the nature of their contest is quirky and contributes to their content curation, and the action required to enter is related to what they’re giving away.

All their social media channels funnel traffic directly to their website, since their blogs and articles are posted on their site. They also have social sharing buttons on their articles to make sharing easy for interested readers.

Ink’s Instagram page is unique because they tell a story with their photo uploads. They use first-person perspective narratives to give a more conversational vibe, and they throw in some hashtags to make sure their posts are found by the right people. Using the #inktakeover tag, they feature posts from a variety of admins (a different one each week). These admins each have unique perspective and interests in the Kansas City area, so you’re always guaranteed to get some variety from their feed. Plus, they may know some secret spots in KC that you can check out! They use filters to enhance their photos and do a great job showing off the best in other businesses. Few selfies here; They’re all about showcasing the best around the area.


Key Takeaways

If you want to include social media as part of your strategy for Internet marketing in Kansas City, learn from these businesses. Post frequently to ensure their users are consistently informed and their content gets the most impressions. Use a variety of content—video, images, trivia questions, opinion questions, etc.—to keep followers interested. They use all the features in Facebook, like groups and event pages, to ensure users get the most out of the platform. They come up with weekly posts that follow a consistent theme, like ‘ink takeover’ or ‘featured artist’. Most importantly, they remain true to their brand and share content that is useful or entertaining to their followers. If you’d rather outsource your social media, contact us. We’d love to help!

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