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November 18, 2011 Published by ontarget


iPad salesMore and more companies are outfitting their sales staff with iPads.  This is great but moving from one application to another to make a presentation is still to clumsy.  Ontarget is building an iPad Sales App that will allow each company to create their own presentations, product catalog, usage videos, specification documents, etc.  All of this information is stored in a very clean iPad interface that would WOW any prospect.

The company administrator can add new product information and the next time the salesperson launches the iPad Sales App they are asked if they would like to download the new information.  The system is completely standalone so the salesperson doesn’t have to worry about having access to the Internet to make their presentation.

The iPad Sales App allows the company to have multiple sales divisions all with their own presentations, product catalog, usage videos, specification documents, etc.  This way each division has the information they need within their iPad Sales App while the company can centrally manage all the information across each sales division. iPad sales app
Ontarget is constantly listening to our clients regarding new features they would like to see added to the iPad Sales App.  One of the new features we’re looking at is adding the capability of allowing each salesperson to add their own unique presentations.  This way the salesperson can put together specific presentation elements for their upcoming prospect presentation.

If you’re interested in hearing more about our iPad Sales App or would like to have a custom iPad Sales App created for your company please email us at info@ontargetinteractive.com or call us at (816) 529-9000.

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