Listen or Question Your SEO Provider

February 1, 2012 Published by ontarget

SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATIONMost SEO companies will say anything just to have more clients but in the end they will suffer because of the empty promises they had made. Hearing all those promises can be quite disturbing, when you hear something that’s too good to be true, probably there is a catch or drawbacks.

In case you are one of those who are in search to outsource your SEO efforts, provided here is a short list of instances when you must listen or question your online marketing agency

or SEO consultant.  


  • They Say You Need Quality ContentWhen it comes to link building, nothing beats having quality content except you want somebody to pay for your links or commonly referred as paid link building. It will require you to add something other than service sales pages that is worthy of a link on your website.  Having quality content doesn’t necessarily require videos or infographics although it can help a lot. What’s important is to post content rich blog posts that are readable and informative. To get more quality links, provide other webmasters something interesting to link to.
  • They Say You Need Help With Your On-Site OptimizationFor you have good rankings, you need to work for it, it won’t happen in just a snap or use a one shot technique to pull your site on page one. Work on your on-site optimization for it is as valuable as your links.   Building 100 links or link planting with keyword anchor text will never work if your page isn’t optimized for that keyword. You are just wasting your money because you are not getting the results that you paid for. To have much better rankings, start off with your link building campaign with a well-optimized website, this way you can expect better page rankings. To be able to do this, you have to have meta descriptions (for clicks, not rankings), keyword optimized title tags, header text, meta descriptions and images.
  • They Say They Can’t Guarantee You ResultsOf course nobody wants to hear this because they want to be assured with results during a contract signing. Some will have the guts to be honest and they are going to tell you if they can’t guarantee results. Even the world’s leading SEO will do no good if you’ve chosen to ignore their suggestions such as proper optimization of your website and adding link-worthy content.
  • They Say You Need to Set Up Google AnalyticsGoogle Analytics is a tool that you can use to see your online marketing efforts. Through this, you can see if you are getting the results that you wanted by simply taking a look at your keyword phrase if it boosts traffic.Note:  The keyword used before October 2011 has the possibility to go higher because of the changes within Google Analytics. Many thanks to Google who didn’t divulge information from its users.



  • They Say You Can Get Links by Using Spinned ContentsWhat does this mean? This pertains to one article that is put into spinning software to produce dozens or even 100 articles. Then the articles will be submitted to different article repositories.Here are two problems with this method:
    • Since the Google Panda updates started, a lot of article repositories have been lowered in value. Which automatically means that low quality links than before may or may pull or push your website.
    • ·These spunned articles aren’t reader friendly and most of the time they do not make sense which leave a bad impression to the company who does it.
  • They Say They Can’t Assure You Results Within a Specific Timeframe.The main objective of SEO teams or companies is to pull your website on Google’s first page, it will take time and a lot of work before it happens. If somebody knocks on your door and say “hey, I can guarantee your appearance on Google’s first page within 30 days” most likely they will turn you into a spammer and provide you with short lived results and take your hard earned money. Beware of these crooks. The only guaranteed technique as far as placement is concerned is an advertisement via Google AdWords or similar program.
  • They Say They Will Build Links Via Blog Commenting & Forum PostingMany have bitten this bait and just post none sense comments here and there. This method is popular back then particularly the link building package that does bulk commenting. A lot of marketing company still offers blog commenting and forum posting to promote a website, if it’s purely link building or link planting say pass. You don’t want to be tagged as spammer right? You’ll be banned and block from these sites which will leave a bad impression for your website.

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