Marketing to Moms

May 5, 2011 Published by ontarget

supermomOften we shouldn’t forget about marketing to moms total nearly 83 million in the United States and make up one of the most powerful consumer groups.  Moms control 85% of the household spending according to a recent survey by Mintel International Group.  Today’s mom handles more information and tasks than anyone else.  The electronic age has helped mom get more done.  Moms were early adopters to the Internet and have been early to the social and mobile areas as well.

Moms are buying more than just household products.  They control 65% of all computer and technology purchases and 75% of all car-buying decisions and more than 7 million moms are running business out of their home.

When you market to moms you’re marketing to a mother, a women, a business owner and the CFO of the home.  Moms now span the generational spectrum.  Moms all want the same thing; they want to make sure they make the right decision.  That decision doesn’t come from a 30-second TV ad or a radio spot.  They crave information.  Information from web sites, emails, YouTube videos, online communities, etc.The social community and mobile tactics are where you can market to moms.  By social I don’t mean just Facebook.  Facebook plays a role but I’m also talking about blogs and especially branded mom panels.  If you want specific information from moms create a relationship marketing group of moms and incentive them to give you information.  It’s called “value exchange.”  What value can you provide moms so that she’ll want to create an account within your relationship-marketing program?  The answer is different per brand and the one that truly knows the answer is your mom audience.Mobile tactics are very important as well.  Moms are falling asleep with their smart phones.  In a recent survey 92% of the moms would rather leave anything but their cell phones behind when they go out.  If you can communicate with mom on the go and make mom more efficient on the go you have a winner.The bottom line is that moms are looking for a great product supported by her trusted community at a low price.  Mom has a lot of weight on her shoulders and it’s important that she makes the right decision for her, her husband, her business and her family.  Don’t ignore the power of mom and make sure you work with a marketing company that understands how to target and communicate with moms.
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