iPhone Developers

Our iPhone developers are able to work natively with iOS, using a code integrator like React Native or Objective-C to build applications that you can rely on. We can build mobile applications in one of two ways. Depending on your preference and budget, we can use Apache Cordova (an open-source framework for cross-platform mobile development) or the native language of the actual device (Swift for Apple and C++ for Android). Though native language is the safest path, it’s more expensive compared to cross-platform frameworks like React Native. Mobile applications make it easy for customers and clients to interact with your products and services on the move. We work with our clients to understand their needs, user benefits, success measurements, etc. and create the right mobile strategy. Sometimes a mobile application makes sense and sometimes a mobile website design is the better option. more

The Process

We’ll start with architecture and planning, addressing questions like ‘does the app need to connect to an outside database?’ and ‘is push or pull content needed?’. The app map and wire frame will provide a base for your designer to work off. This brings us to the design phase. In this phase, you’ll get to see how the app will look once it’s finished. We’ll help you pick out the color schemes, images and holder text to see which combination provides the best user experience. Next, the development phase takes place. In this stage, elements like navigation, user interaction, database integration, web service and eCommerce platforms begin to take shape. In the testing phase, your sample group ensures the app works the way it’s supposed to, all databases are connected and there are no broken links in the app. You want to test your app to ensure it gets through Apple’s filter and doesn’t receive any bad reviews in the early stages. We test on any device that the app will run through, including iPad, iPod touch, and all iPhone models. Lastly, deployment occurs. We submit the app to Apple and await approval, which can take anywhere from 6-14 days. Each of these processes is imperative to the success of your app; We don’t skip steps for the sake of a quick turnaround.

Investing in iPhone developers:

  • Gives you a platform for people to access your services from their phone
  • Keeps your project in the hands of those experienced with Apple development
  • Saves you money that would have been spent on an entire website

iPhone Developers

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