Pulse Systems: Electronic Healthcare Management

March 29, 2018 Published by ontarget

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Since 1997, Pulse has been supplying physicians and practices with healthcare software that makes their job easier. Instead of focusing on claims and billing, physicians/practice staff are able to put all their effort into customer service and treatment. Pulse’s software options include Electronic Health Records, Practice Management and Revenue Cycle Management. They serve over 40 specialties. While their customer service team will treat you like a valued member of the Pulse family. No matter how unique your practice needs are. Pulse works with you to identify which daily tasks are hindering your revenue and absorbing your time.

Revenue Cycle Management

Pulse’s Revenue Cycle Management System tracks patient care episodes from the time they make an appointment to their final balance payment. Their medical billing software doesn’t just track patient payments, but also aids in payment collection and works with insurance companies. You can rest assured that your claims will be processed quickly. Also accurately with Pulse’s revenue cycle management system. In fact, you can expect almost the same return you would receive from a point of service transaction.

Practice Management

With their Practice Management software, Pulse automates workflow logic to join financial, clinical and administrative processes into one system. This system is user friendly and takes care of everything from advanced scheduling to patient registration to billing/coding. And you don’t even have to worry about claims processing with this system! Pulse’s software breaks down analytics to show you exactly how your practice is performing. So you can use these reports to make more-informed business decisions, increasing your practice revenue for the future. Plus their system is now cloud-based!

Electronic Health Records

Another system that Pulse offers is Electronic Health Records, an intuitive program that can be customized for any practice’s workflow. An EHR is essentially an electronic record of a patient’s medical history. It keeps track of your patients for as long as they’re in your system.  Typically includes demographics, progress notes, problems, medications, vital signs, past medical history, etc. PulseCloud EHR is ONC-HIT 2014. Complete EHR certified and qualifies for government incentive programs. You can configure on a per provider basis and use record information. For evidence-based decision support and outcomes reporting.

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