Responsive Web Design and How It Can Benefit Your E-Commerce Business

August 15, 2013 Published by ontarget

What is Responsive Web Design?

Responsive web design is an approach whereby a designer creates a website that resizes itself depending on the type of device it is being viewed on. This means that you can have one website that caters to all user preferences – like desktops, laptops, tablets, or smartphones while still delivering excellent user experience (Why is that important? Check out our other blog post on User Experience). Responsive web design is a trend that carried over from 2012 and it continues to grow with the increase of mobile device usage.

Responsive Web Design for E-Commerce Business

Not only are more people browsing the web on their smartphones and tablets, they are also shopping more. E-commerce spending in the United States has increased by 13.4% this year and an estimated $252 billion dollars will be spent through e-commerce shopping.

Benefits of a responsive e-commerce website include:

  • You only have one site to maintain. The advantage of using responsive web design is that you only have to make content changes to one site instead of multiple.
  • You have access to a broader audience and bigger customer base due to the compatibility of your website on any device.
  • You will have happy customers. If customers feel like their desires are being met with an enhanced user experience, they are more likely to purchase something from your website.
  • It keeps your desktop and mobile content on a single URL, therefore increasing your SEO ranking.

Responsive E-Commerce Website

Get a Responsive E-Commerce Website

Keep your mobile users happy with a responsive e-commerce website. Time and patience is short with customers shopping online. If you can’t give them the information they want easily, they are more likely to buy from a competitor’s site. If you haven’t considered a responsive e-commerce website yet, get a free consultation with us to find out how we can help you turn traffic into transactions.

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