Top 10 Stats to Support Mobile Marketing

August 5, 2015 Published by ontarget

Mobile MarketingMobile marketing is the biggest shift going on in marketing right now. The stats show us that the transition is occurring very quickly. The current predictions show 70% of all digital advertising spend will be mobile by 2019. Here are 10 stats that support the massive movement to mobile marketing.

  1. The mobile ad space skyrocketed by 76 percent over the last two years with $7.1 billion in 2013 and $12.5 billion last year (Adweek). Mobile marketing has surpassed that of digital marketing as a whole and projections are for it to continue to increase.
  2. Buying products on your phone is set to grow by 25.72% from 2014 to 2019 (Research and Markets). People are feeling comfortable with making purchases on their phone and companies are starting to make sure their customers can purchase on their website from a computer but also from their phone.
  3. Over 91% of consumers check their email on their phone at least once a day (ExactTarget). Does your customer emails look good on a mobile phone? If it doesn’t they may be discouraged in your brand.
  4. Mobile users are ready to convert. Over 70% of mobile users will act on a website within 1 hour of visiting it (iAcquire). Making sure your website is responsive or that you have a separate mobile optimized site is critical.
  5. Mobile users buy local. 4 out of 5 local searches end in a purchase. It’s not all online either, 73% are made in a brick-and-mortar store (Search Engine Watch). If you’re website is not mobile-friendly your mobile search optimization is being ignored by the search engines. Mobile SEO is just as important as desktop SEO.
  6. Time spent on your mobile phone surfing the Internet five years ago averaged one hour. Today, the average time spent on a mobile phone surfing the web is five hours ( Make sure you’re brand is where they spend their time.
  7. If you look at all searches being made on the Internet, mobile searches are more than 50% now in 10 different countries – including the U.S. and Japan (Google). Do you currently have a mobile search-marketing plan?
  8. 75% of Facebooks 4 billion video views on a daily basis come from mobile devices (Adweek). Your mobile marketing plan should include a video marketing channel strategy.
  9. People will go back to the search engine 40% of the time if the site they land on is not mobile-friendly. Get on your mobile phone and type in your address and see what it looks like.
  10. If you look at all the digital media that can be consumed, 60% of it is being consumed on mobile devices (comScore). Mobile marketing is alive and it’s kicking butt and taking names. Make sure you’re kicking butt.

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