Can my website recover from a penalty?

April 9, 2018 Published by ontarget
Only 5% of website that have been penalized try to recover their rankings. This could be because penalized parties don’t know when they’ve been penalized or how to remedy the situation. No matter the reason, it gives you the perfect opportunity to get a leg up on the competition.The most common penalty we see companies receive is for bad backlinks. These are normally gained monetarily or through black hat tactics. We recommend gaining backlinks through press release pages, quality content and guest blogging instead. This types of penalty is a manual action from Google’s spam team. To remedy a bad backlink, we complete a backlink audit and disavow any backlinks that seem shady. After a week or so, your rankings should see improvement. The other type of penalty is an algorithm penalty, and this type requires a little more research to identify the problem. You’ll need to correlate the time period when you lost traffic with the date when the new algorithm update occurred. We use this guide to the Google Algorithm Change History to identify just what issues are preventing your site from ranking well. The biggest uproar came during the mobile-first update; Sites that weren’t mobile-friendly saw a dramatic drop in their SEO. We keep up with the latest updates to ensure your site receives the lowest amount of penalties.

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