What is reputation management, and what tools do you use for reputation management?

April 9, 2018 Published by ontarget
It can go by many names, but reputation management is the process of shaping public perception of a person or organization by influencing online information about that entity. It’s a lot of big words, but you’re essentially working to keep your ‘cool kid’ status. Depending on your brand though, your status may actually be ‘quirky’, ‘funny’, ‘professional’, etc. All in all, you want this perception to be a positive one. Online Reviews One of the key parts of reputation management is online reviews. Whether it’s Facebook, Google Reviews or Yelp, you want to be sure that the negative reviews are addressed and the positive reviews are showcased. We can even implement an automated email that gets sent out to customers after they receive their item or service. Plus, we’ll throw in a URL that links directly to your company’s Google review page and pre-program the pop-up with a five-star review. Making it easy for satisfied customers to leave a review and addressing negative reviews in a professional manner are both important parts of online reputation management, but even more important is guiding customers to the appropriate channel to reach you with questions or concerns. This can prevent negative reviews from getting out there in the first place. Social Media Monitoring Responding on social media and presenting a consistent personality across all platforms helps establish your brand and encourage engagement. We utilize some great tools that can track when you’re mentioned online, whether the mention is positive or negative and when you’re tagged on social media. Remain professional in your responses, and respond in a timely manner. If you’re the Wendy’s Twitter account, throw in some sassiness.

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