How Well Do You Understand SEO?

August 31, 2017 Published by ontarget

So you think your an SEO expert? Alright then–let’s test your skills. SEO increases site traffic by bumping up your site’s ranking for queries in search engines. It’s made up of three key components: on-site SEO, content curations (blogs) and backlinks.

About how long should you aim for your blog posts to be?

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The search engines want to see that you've really put in the time and effort to answer user questions and anticipate further queries. Content length is a good indicator of this.

Which types of keywords should you try to rank for if you're a smaller business?

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Localized keywords ensure you're funneling in traffic that can reach your storefront. Plus, you're not competing against larger companies that spend thousands on their SEO efforts.

Which of these is NOT a factor for ranking?

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Even though meta-descriptions are important to boost click-through rates, they are not a ranking factor for Google's algorithm.

How long can it take for your to see results?

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Unlike paid advertising, SEO efforts can take longer to come to fruition.

Which of these is NOT a good way to get backlinks?

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Backlinks tell the search engines that your page is legit. Getting backlinks from high-authority/high-trust-score sites boosts your ranking even more. If you're paying for backlinks, they're probably not coming from reputable sources. Check to make sure they're legit first.

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