What is Hyperlocal Mobile Advertising?

September 10, 2012 Published by ontarget

Geo Fencing

Hyperlocal Mobile Advertising can now target ads through iOS and Android smartphones when consumers come within 300 feet of brick and mortar locations.

Hyperlocal mobile advertising techniques are more precise than ZIP code and designated market area (DMA) features that we offer now. This is proving to be one of the one of the big promises of mobile advertising in 2013 and one that should be explored.

We can reach tens of millions of customers across more than seven billion impressions per month.
Every impression is bought in real time. We can target users with ads based on a specific situation. For example, situational targeting takes into account consumer location, what they are doing, and what happens around them. For example, a person walks past a local coffee shop and they receive a locally relevant ad. In addition, the ad can state the distance to the location in order to encourage the person to interact with the business. This is known as a geo-targeted ad which can be determined by a zip code or even more specific. In other words, you can advertise to a possible customer when they are at the right place and at the right time. This can really increase your click-to-call rate.

There are numerous ways to market to people through mobile phones. OnTarget is an interactive marketing company that provides many ways to reach your future customers. We can use SMS text, PUSH notifications from mobile applications, mobile search advertising, Bluetooth ads around and in a building and obviously through geo-targeted ads as described above.

Do you think location will be useful to your advertising efforts?

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