What Marketing Tactic Should You Go With?

August 30, 2017 Published by ontarget

What's Your Budget?

How Long Are You Willing to Wait to See Results?

What Kind of Results Are You Looking For?

Who Are You Targeting

What Marketing Tactic Should You Go With?
You Need SEO!

With search engine optimization, you ensure that people searching for the products/services you offer find YOUR brand. Optimizing for search engines includes keyword research, content writing, backlinks, on-site SEO and directory listings. Other features, like schema markups and mobile friendliness, also play a part in your ranking. Though this tactic may take longer to produce measurable results, the benefits last much longer than paid advertising.
You Need Social Media!

Just because you have social media accounts for your business doesn't mean you're generating revenue or brand awareness through these channels. For an effective social media campaign/social media maintenance, you need to maintain a consistent post schedule and brand voice. Responding to posts and tweets that you're tagged in can also help humanize your company. With our social media service, we can help you establish your business identity and connect with the right people.
You Need Paid Advertising!

Paid advertising comes primarily through Google AdWords campaigns. You can choose to either display a link to your landing page within the search results or advertise your site on Google's partner sites (ie: YouTube, AOL, etc.). Both have unique benefits, and all paid advertising generates immediate traffic to your site. By entrusting your paid advertising campaign to experts, you ensure that you get the biggest bang for your buck. We know which keywords to bid on and how much you should bid to create the most revenue. We carefully track your ad performance to ensure you get the impressions/conversions/clicks you're wanting.
You Need Geo-Fencing!

Geo-fencing is a unique feature geared toward mobile devices, though it can also be applied to desktops. It allows you to target a set radius round certain locations to display your ad/SMS text message. If someone comes within 15 miles of your storefront, for example, you can send out an alert about a BOGO discount you're offering at that location. By targeting your potential customers at the right place and right time, you increase your chances of landing a conversion.

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