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April 4, 2017 Published by ontarget

Apps That You’ll Want to Download Today

We’ve already posted on the Top 10 Coolest Apps Ever. The problem is that we realized….there are a ton of other really cool apps out there that we didn’t get a chance to talk about! Why limit yourself with numbers? Here’s another round of 10 apps that have just as much merit.

Uber (free)

Okay, so we all already know what Uber does. BUT did you know that they also have a bunch of cool features that let you engage with the app on a whole other level. There’s the standard function of the app—all you have to do is tap a button and put in your start and end point to get a ride—but there’s also an option for your driver to rate you and for you to rate the driver. When you request a pickup, you’ll see the driver’s picture and the vehicle details, as well as where they’re currently at on the map. Tack on the fact that they’re available 24/7, you get a price estimate for your ride, and there’s a ‘split the fare option’ if you’re carpooling, and this app makes the cut for our coolest apps ever list.

Bank of America (free)

You may not think of banking apps as being worthy of a ‘coolest apps ever’ list, but give this one a shot! With the Bank of America app, you can review your balance and activity in checking, savings and credit card accounts. Keep up with your mortgage and auto loans from the convenience of your phone, and set/edit travel notices without having to call in. If you’re someone who hates the hidden fees, this app has a feature that will send you alerts when wireless fees apply or a data connection is required. You can safely send and receive money using a mobile number or email address and easily transfer funds between your Bank of America accounts. Use the app to find an ATM, schedule payments, and deposit checks (with a simple photo!). For those who are wary of online banking systems, you can even set up fingerprint sign-in to access your account instead of a login.

Tile (free—must purchase Tile)

The Tile app (and accompanying Tile tracker) helps you keep tabs on where your important items are. From wallets to keys to kids, this app is the ultimate tracker if you’re constantly losing things. You can ring lost items from your phone. If your Tile is within a 100-foot Bluetooth range, it’ll play a loud tune! If you lose your phone, double press any of your tiles to make your lost phone ring (even when it’s on silent!). If you keep the app running in the background, it will automatically remember the last time and place you had that item so you know around where to look. If you want, you can share your Tiles with anyone who has the Tile app.

Bitmoji (free)

If you haven’t heard about this app yet, you’re way behind the times. Create your own personal emoji that you can use in text or Snapchat! Make it look just like you and choose from a library of stickers that all feature your Bitmoji in different situations. They’re organized by emotion, so you can express sass, anger, happiness, sadness, etc. without having to type out a text! If you use Bitmoji in your Snapchat, you can unlock friendmoji to use stickers that feature you and your friend’s Bitmoji together. It’s even become popular with celebrities, partially because the caricatures look so eerily similar to the person they’re representing. Find out for yourself why Bitmoji is one of the coolest apps ever by downloading it now!

Lose It (free/premium $39.99/yr)

This free weight loss app for the iPhone and Android is your personal trainer and cheerleader for all weight loss goals! You can utilize the app and the website to access your personalized weight loss plan and goals. Wellness and fitness are an aspect of these goals, so it’s not entirely about the weight loss. Included in the app is access to a verified food database meant to help you track your calories through easy searching. In addition, you can add custom foods and share recipes. Scan a UPC to add food, or connect to other apps like RunKeeper and Nike+  to help you keep track of all your fitness data from one app. It’s a social app too! You can create goals with a group of friends, challenge other people, or get support from a group. Even though the app is free, you can purchase a $39.99 premium yearly subscription that comes with tracking and meal planning.

Waze (free)

Waze is more than just a GPS—it’s a community roadmap that ensures you never have to deal with unpleasant surprises on the road. Stay up to date on traffic and get alerted before you approach police, accidents, traffic jams and road hazards. Information is shared by other drivers in real time, and community-edited maps ensure you get the latest information. The app helps you save money, too! You can navigate to the cheapest station on your route and get the best prices on gas. There’s even beta testing on Android Auto, so everyone will eventually have access to one of the coolest apps ever!

Photoshop Fix (free)

With Photoshop Fix, you can easily utilize Photoshop editing tools from your mobile device. And since it integrates with Creative Cloud, you can send your edits on to Photoshop CC, Lightroom CC, or Photoshop Mix to continue your edits from a desktop (with layers intact). The mobile version gives you the ability to retouch and restore images with tools that liquefy, heal, patch, smooth, lighten and darken your images. Edit and adjust your photos with features like paint, vignettes, control exposure, contrast, saturation, and focus. The best part is that you can edit high-resolution images (up to 64 megapixels), so you really get the quality you’re looking for. This review of the product praises the price tag and ease of use—a great buy for professional photographers and photography enthusiasts alike!

1Password ($2.99/yr)

The 1Password app ensures you don’t have to remember all your passwords for different website and apps. You can store all your passwords, then use tags to find what you’re looking for on any device. A Master Password protects all of this information, and a strong AES-256 encryption is there to protect you. To access 1Password on your mobile device, just use your fingerprint or PIN code. You receive constant security alerts for the services and sites that you use, and a personal security suite utilizes programs like Security Audit to check the strength of your passwords and improve the weak ones. It also weeds out any duplicate passwords!

If you want to go with the personal account, you can use the app on all your devices, have offline access , use automatic syncing, get email support, and use 1 GB of storage to securely manage your documents. For 1Password Families ($4.99/yr), you also have the ability to share passwords and documents, manage who sees what you do, and restore access for locked out members. You can try out their free 30 day trial to see for yourself just how convenient this app is.

Untapped (free)

With the Untappd app, you can check in and rate beer at different locations (helping out your fellow beer enthusiasts), keep track of the beers you’ve tried, unlock achievements and earn badges, and see what popular bars are near you. Keep track of menu updates, get beer recommendations, and stay up to date with venue and brewery event alerts. If your business wants to get in on the action, try out Untappd for business. Your beer menus and events will get seen by millions of beer enthusiasts, and you can keep your customers on top of things by publishing on the Untappd Twitter and Facebook. Night Shift Brewing gained 226 new customers, sold 1,021 additional beers, and made an extra $9,649 to date just by joining Untappd for business.  This app designed to connect beer lovers ranks as one of the coolest apps ever.



Mint (free)

This app from TurboTax is perfect for people who hate managing their budget on paper or through Excel. Through this app you can create budgets, see suggestions based on your spending, track and pay bills, schedule payments, get alerts, get your credit score for free (and tips for improvement), and view your bills and money in one place. The app will also alert you with unusual account charges, so you can stay on top of all your account activity. Information is kept secure with 256-bit encryption and Mint is encrypted with 128-bit SSL. If you want to take the next step with your finances, use Mint to start investing! You can compare your portfolio to market benchmarks and view your asset allocations across all your investment accounts (401K, mutual funds, brokerage accounts, and IRAs). Mint ranks as one of the coolest apps ever because it makes it easy for anyone to budget!

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