2013 is the Year of Mobile Commerce

September 11, 2013 Published by ontarget

It’s no secret that eCommerce has changed the way we shop. These days, you can get almost anything with the click of a key. But now with the rise of smartphones thrown into the mix, mobile commerce is changing the rules yet again.

Mobile CommerceAccording to eMarketer, they’ve revised their projected 2013 Holiday retail shopping numbers with mobile commerce brought into play. In the past two years, holiday retail shopping has grown significantly from the year before. This December isn’t likely to be an exception to that fact, with a staggering $61.8 billion dollars projected spent between November and December alone. That’s 15.1% higher than last years $53.7 billion dollars. eMarketer credits mobile commerce as the the wild card in this equation, expected to make up 16% of total spending.

This fact alone highlights the importance of integrating mobile commerce into your company marketing plan. It’s no longer an option; it’s critical! In fact, almost a third of monthly visitors to a typical online retail website use mobile devices alone. Not to mention the importance this makes in the shopping experience as a whole for the consumer: roughly 58% of U.S. smartphone/tablet owners use their devices to research products and prices while on the go. Mobile ad spending is on the rise too, in an enormous way, at nearly twice the amount spent in 2012. The numbers just don’t lie.

In America, more than nine out of ten adults have a mobile device at there dispense. Companies across the country are taking notice and rising to meet the times. With tablet sales on the rise significantly as well, it’s easy to see why incorporating mobile commerce into your business tactics is the only way to go.
These facts have a huge impact on our world. McDonald’s, the fast food giant, is currently testing a mobile ordering app, allowing customers to pay online and pick up their order. According to Business Insider, in a memo from the company obtained by Bloomberg, McDonald’s stated:

“While many competitors are publicizing their efforts to get an initial foothold in the mobile arena, no one has developed a comprehensive solution that integrates all the opportunities this technology presents.”

Mobile CommerceStaying a step or two in front of the competition seems to be key in this fast-changing mobile world. Facebook is a great example of this, as the tech giant took on mobile advertising faster than any other company. In fact, Facebook was so successful with this integration that it went from nearly zero mobile revenue last year to 41% as of last quarter. On top of that, it’s anticipated that mobile ads will make up more than 50% of Facebook’s revenue by the end of 2013.

Mobile commerce is a key ingredient this year.
Does your company properly utilize this ever-growing market? If not, you may want to think again.

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