3 Reasons Companies Haven’t Adopted a Mobile Advertisement Strategy

March 27, 2012 Published by ontarget

Mobile MarketingWhen speaking to a group of online marketers and business owners, I realized that not all companies have engaged or even thought about having a mobile advertisement strategy. This urged me to deep-dive into the main reasons why this occurs and what is holding them back. Below are some important misconceptions and questions:

1. The Market is Not Mobile

There may be less awareness that mobile market is booming. According to Pew Research Center, there will be more than 7 billion mobile device users by 2015. It also states the audience will adopt the use of tablets, with 4% of all adults using them. The metrics urge a convincing reason that adoption to mobile is possible sooner than later.

Many marketers are not aware of the mobile traffic they get from their site. It is easy to determine the flow of mobile traffic on your site. In Google Analytics, there is a way to find out how heavy or light your mobile traffic is. You can even see the numbers of visitors from mobile, what mobile device they use and the service provider.  In Google AdWords, you can break out the performance of the campaign by outlet. Did your traffic come from PC, mobile or tablet? Through this, you will be able to sort your mobile searches out from the desktop PC campaigns giving you important insights.

2. What Are My Options?

Unless you keep updated with AdWords, mobile PPC ad strategy will always be a challenge. Create an account with AdWords for you to get options to keep posted with mobile and strategies. Simply choose mobile-only campaigns to sort mobile from any other type of campaigns.

Consider the following options when planning your strategy and ad placement:

  • Search engine
  • Mobile display network
  • Mobile applications
  • YouTube streaming

Because of the interface difference of PCs and mobile, people are searching a little different so keep your style and keyword research on track.

3. I Don’t Have a Mobile Landing Page

Through AdWords, Google has seen more than a 50 percent increase of advertisers with mobile-optimized sites. Mobile websites make the user experience very convenient and ideal. It will direct a person searching on their mobile phone to a mobile optimized website that allows them to find your content in a legible form. Several best practices are important to keep in mind when creating your new mobile landing page or mobile site:

  • Users are always in a hurry so design your site to fast load, easy to read and focused on the contents and feature needs.
  • Include maps or store locator on your landing page. One of the top reasons user search on their mobile phones are to look for local information.
  • Create buttons that are large and easy to press on touch screens. This will eliminate frustration of users and reduce unwanted clicks.
  • Incorporate a system where it is easy to purchase something or fill out a conversion form. Fewer steps make the mobile site or landing page more successful in driving a desired response or transaction.

Remember to keep up to date on mobile trends and user behavior. Mobile will continue to grow and those that take advantage of this media channel will stay on the cutting edge of technology and their customers’ needs.

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